Deal 1313 Preview

Walk in The Dreamlands:
On a puddle of pale peach (#eeddcc) are dealt
fork, Lantern, Clumsiness, The Unknown, window, Apple, and Against all odds


New Spread: Walk in the Dreamlands

Since Spring has arrived in a fashion almost completely unlike Spring, let us now toy with unexpected twists and turns and take a walk in The Dreamlands, where everything you see is resting only on the tissue of your dreams.

Dreams are one way your mind sorts its experiences to find the unexpected interrelationships.

While that sorting is happening, things are a little less logical, a little more twisty, and sometimes simply jump from scene to scene without logic, rhyme or reason.

Shuffle all the cards, and if you are daring, even let some of them get flipped over so that they are face up in a face down deck.

Deal about seven cards to the table, flowing across in front of you. The cards are the pivots that twist the flow of the dream. Take your Silver Key in hand, find your way through the Enchanted Wood, and if you return to tell the tale, recount the dream that you had.


On a puddle of pale peach we have: sunk, Frog, Abhor, Limited, dog, chicken, and Knowledge

This is a journey that began under water, fought off killer frogs, turned around to hate the way you came, found yourself turning in place like a dog trying to settle for a nap but unable to get comfortable in a chicken’s nest, and for one blinding instant knowing the secret to a perfect omelet served on your grandmother’s prized peach china.


Deal 1311: Unstuffed

Little did I know what I was getting in to when I signed up. That might be a common story, of course.

I am a bear, a teddy bear to be right stuffed about it.

We have a certain view of the world, it always starts with our little human. All else is secondary.

But the offer was sincere, and coming from a fellow toy, I listened.

That was probably my real mistake.

If I hadn’t listened, I wouldn’t have joined.

If I hadn’t joined, I wouldn’t be loosing stuffing over this.

I know what you’re thinking. “Silly old bear. What good is that fluff-filled head of his?”

It isn’t really like that at all. Yes, of course I’m stuffed. It says that right on my tag: “poly-fill stuffing, hypoallergenic”.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t think.

I don’t think with my stuffing, I’m not bound by the same rules as my little human!

But I was offered a chance to make the world better.

Or so it seemed to me at the time, in any case.

As it is turning out, I am trapped in the new toy box, with no way out, and subject to new rules.

And my small human is alone, and afraid.

And I have failed my charge.