Deal 1390 Preview

The path: Unity, Stagnation, Free Will, Afterlife, Purity, Failure, and Voodoo


Deal 1351: Dog mill

It seemed like an idea that couldn’t fail: run the mill with dogs. Sure there were some minor details to work out, but they all seemed the sort of thing that would fall out with trial and practice.

But they didn’t count on a key element. Dogs are only useful when they really want to be. If not, they will find a way over or under the fence, to freedom.

The dogs all ran away.


Deal 1327: Flight

My eyes pop open on a ballroom, filled with couples moving through a waltz with the sort of precision you only ever see in a cinema. The waltz continued as I watched the room. Then I saw her on the far side of the room.

I strode out across the dance floor, avoiding tripping the dancers by sheer luck as much as anything. It didn’t take that long, and soon I was sneaking up on the window. Expecting a reaction of some kind, I snuck up to it, seized it my the sash, and hoisted it into the air.

The night air was a refreshing change from the stuffiness of the closet. Tempting too, with room to really stretch my wings. So out I went, changing form as I passed through the wall. That final transformation left me free to fly and leave this place behind.

So off I went.


Deal 1290: Woke

They attempted to capture my mind, but failed.

Failed because I protected my mind from meddling.

The beta rays cannot reach me through my shield.

I have never been clearer in my life since I woke. I am woke, unlike everyone else trapped in the gentle fog of compliance to their will.

Hardly anyone is able to resist. I was lucky.

I was accidentally shielded by attempting to repair my microwave oven when it turned on.

I saw my family taken over. I resisted. The tin foil was close to hand, and I was able to continue to resist.

Now nearly everything I wear is part of an overlapping Faraday armor.

I choose this life.

I am shunned by the sheeple.

I am woke to the truth, though, and cannot go back.