Deal 1241: Reflected Nonnet

Few universal infinities
Exist with certainty, I fear
Abject stupidity is
Rooted absolutely
in people
at large
and there
we do find
common sense, wit and
wisdom. Rare, I admit,
and yet located hither
and yon, like lost socks, and misplaced
key rings, found only when its funny.


Deal 1239: The darker the better

Beer is the magical drink that created civilization. Fermenting grain makes water safer to drink. Finding enough grain to ferment drove agriculture. Tending the grain made it more practical to remain in one place year round. Brewing also encouraged cultivation of yeast, and certainly lead to reliably leavened breads. Bread and beer lubricated many social gatherings, to such an extent that “breaking bread” is still a metaphor in use today.

Tea, on the other hand, only appears after beer and bread are established. It is often seen alongside silly dainty sandwiches with the crust cut off.

Don’t get on the tea bandwagon.

Stick to the originals. Beer and bread.


Deal 1211: Sky’s the limit

“Why am I running an alarm company?”

Pullet was not the sort of man you would expect to have taken the risk of starting his own business. He was quiet, timid, and not at all brave. He seemed particularly ill-suited to the alarm business. And yet, here he was, running Big Red Protection.

His partner was his polar opposite. Where Pullet was unsure, Reynard was confident. Where Pullet was timid, Reynard was brash and outgoing.

In short, their partnership seemed doomed from the outset. But somehow, they persevered.

They had already survived their first year in business. Most new businesses don’t outlast their first birthday. Big Red Protection celebrated theirs by signing up their one hundredth client. While that was barely enough income to keep their doors open, it was still more than either had feared would be the case. Of course, Pullet still jumped when the phone rang. He was certain that the next call would spell the end for their enterprise, and was perpetually surprised when it was just a potential new customer.


Pullet jumped.


Deal 1191: One.

There can be only one.

This cage isn’t nearly large enough to hold two of us. Instinct drives us to destroy each other. Mutual aid is very much against the grain, even if it is also mutually beneficial. This is a weakness, perhaps.

Or perhaps not. One must win. One must lose.

Then again, if the cage continues to exist after I have defeated you, then I may be defeated by the cage.

There can only be one, but this may be a rare time when it is to my advantage to let you live, and to cooperate to remove the cage.

The cage limits us individually.

We barely know how to cooperate when we are free. How do we learn now, when we are bound?

The dilemma remains. Do we share strength to bend the bars, and do I risk that you betray me at a moment of vulnerability?

Or do I take advantage of the fact that you have to be within striking distance in order to help in a meaningful way?

It seems that I do.

And so, now, there is only one.

And that one is still in a cage.

It is my nature.