Deal 1180

Frog ran the numbers rackets. No one remembered why he was called “Frog”, he just was. And if anyone tried to short him or cheat, he was quick to punish them. And remember that he did, as he lurked behind his one way glass and watched the action on the street and in his casino.

His games were rigged, of course, but the customers never dared complain. Rigged or not, he was a formidable enemy, and no one wanted to play that game.

So when Frog said “Leap”, most would simply ask “How high?”


Deal 1143: Not Lucky

Luck is a limiting factor, which must be tamed by proper engineering. If left unchecked, and your creations are working by Luck alone, you have to worry about what will happen when Luck runs out to get a gallon of milk.

Luck is also fickle. If she catches you depending on her, she’ll back out and leave your gadget high and dry.

Worse, if she catches you flirting with Chance, you won’t know what hit you.

So avoid depending on Luck. Sit back and enjoy a proper cup of luke-warm tea.

And turn on that infinite improbability drive. If you dare!


Deal 1134: Haunting blues

O, the past haunts me always
I say, my past haunts me always
What’s done is done is done is done these days

Low down dirty dog
Just a low down dirty dog
Gotta bone chase a car cause I’m a dog

Fences make good neighbors
They say fences make good neighbors
Who are they? They selling fences? ’cause fences make good neighbors

Bananas make you slip and fall
Bananas gonna make you slip and fall
I say bananas, but oranges aren’t funny at all

My past haunts me always you see
Ooooo, my future haunts you I see
What’s done is done my ghost will see
What’s done is done my ghost will see