Deal 1288: Watched

Ah, yes. My watch stopped. Again.

What’s that?


Well, you may recall that I work at some distance from my home. I travel daily by a variety of means, usually including the train. Today I missed the train, and decided to catch the next train at a station I don’t usually use. Not may use it, on account of the neighborhood. I’ve never paid much attention to those rumors, so off I went, at a good pace, to catch the train.

On the way, I heard about the fire. But that was at my usual station, so I paid little attention.

Then I heard about the bank, just in time to take a different route, and avoided the block just before they blew the safe. The safe landed in the street, I hear.

While everyone was cowering as the dust settled, I managed to reach the station, just as the train was pulling away. But it was just in reach and I was arriving at the end of the platform it was approaching, so I sprinted and leapt.

I made it safely aboard, paid the conductor, and settled down to nap for the ride. I must have actually fell asleep for a time, because the watch slipped out of my pocket, where it was trod upon by the conductor making his rounds.

Of course, I won’t have anything less than the strongest watch made, so when the conductor slipped on the watch and fell, dropping everything he was carrying, the watch was unharmed but my nap was interrupted.

So I retrieved my watch, and settled down again with it firmly in my pocket.

I really must have been tired, because I awoke at the end of the line, well after dark, and many hours from home, having heard neither the station call nor my watch’s alarm.

When I checked the time, it was stopped.

And I actually don’t know why.


Deal 1277: Symbolic

The first thing you notice is the overwhelming amount of purple around you. The rugs are patterned from several shades of purple. The walls are painted a light lilac. Every piece of furniture has elements that are colored purple. That makes the use of strong contrasting colors pop with a hint of surprise.

The second thing you notice is the background music. Held at a level that is just barely louder than subliminal, you can almost identify it, then it changes and you realize it got you again.

Stuck in this space, the bowl of perfectly ripe oranges looks out of place. On closer inspection, each of the oranges is tied down to the bowl and to its neighbors by a cobweb. The spider is nowhere to be seen, but the bowl tells a tale of casual neglect.

A tale that is reinforced by the pile of broken technology in the corner. Some of that almost looks rusty, as if it had been rained upon.


Deal 1274: Presented

The device sat on a brilliant blue pedestal at center stage. The stage itself was minimalist, just a slightly raked dark grey disk jutting out into the audience, with seating to all sides and room for the presenter to move around the pedestal and speak more or less personally to each block of seats.

The top of the pedestal rotated slowly, turning the device to show all sides to everyone.

The subdued lighting cast few shadows on the device, and the perfectly clad and coiffed presenters cast no shadows at all.

All of this conspired to make the brass, wood, leather, and glass of the device stand out, showing off its form to the best possible advantage.

And as is typical of a major product announcement, almost nothing about the presentation managed to convey exactly what the device does.

I still want one, though!