Deal 1354: No Mimes

The crowd turned quickly when the figured out what was going on. They weren’t going to have anything to do with strange performers refusing to speak. It didn’t matter how good they were, this was a down that was proud of its noise and was frankly very suspicious of anyone wanting to be quiet.

They ran those mimes out of town on a rail. With a marching band and a choir to drive their point home.


Deal 1227: Which frog

“There’s only one prince in this story, and that must be me.”

“Hardly. You are, as we can plainly see, just a frog.”

“I could be a prince among frogs.”

“Unlikely. Amphibians are not known for monarchy. You are just a frog.”

“And that is true. So you would agree that if I am a prince, I am not a frog.”

“Perhaps. But it is plain to see that you are, in fact, a frog.”

“Did you not see the witch leaving the stage?”

“Oh. Not that again.”

“There you go. Because of the witch, I, The Prince, am now in the shape of a frog.”

“Nope. There is no witch. Therefore, no prince. You are merely a frog.”

“Who is that standing behind you? One clue: it is not a Crocodile.”


Deal 1222: Hobo’s Vision

I am an adventurer. I ride the rails, evade the law, and live free and rough. As long as there is another train on the horizon, I will always have hope. Hope that around the next big bend there is a place where I can find another stone for my soup pot. Hope that the next town will have work that needs doing, means to pay, and the willingness to hire day labor without references. Hope that I find a place to rest my weary feet at the end of the day.

For as long as I have hope, I need fear nothing.