Deal 1181: Haiku

Proud, he stood athwart
history, waiting for peace
with or without him.

Ebon bird in a
murder with friends and for hire
loyal to the core

Rodent hiding from
the scene of the crime this time
died supporting us.


Deal 1170: Emptying the Swamp

Crank the handle, wind up the music. And the band played on. And the frogs came in from the swamp.

Wind up the music. Listen to the croaking madness. Dodge the occasional explosion.

There is a war on, but then when hasn’t there been a war on?

The frogs come in from the swamp in wave, croaking thanks as they cross our threshold.

Rain may fall without harm, but shrapnel is a flying pig of another color entirely. Frogs don’t appreciate the charms of shrapnel. They do appreciate shelter.

Music plays and frogs sing.


Deal 1145: Dungeon crawl

He was forgetting something important again. He was sure of it. Problem was, he had no idea what. A quick check revealed that he was indeed wearing pants, shoes, and his glasses. So it wasn’t that obvious. But it was driving him nuts.

Even so, his only way out was through, so he kept moving.

But as he went along, he remained certain he was missing something important.

That’s when it bit him.

He forgot his amulet. He wasn’t invisible. He wasn’t silenced. He wasn’t concealed from all senses.

And the grue knew that, and was watching from the shadows waiting for the right moment.

From the sounds around him, possibly more than one grue.

Still, bitten or not, the only way out was through so he went on.

The noises in the distance got louder and closer. Then his cat appeared, a satisfied grin on its face, and licking its chops. There was no further sign of the grue.

Together in the dimly lit cavern, they went onwards. Clearly his cat knew that this was the easiest way to find more delicious snacks, and stayed close.

The darkness closed in.

Then, there was nothing he could do but hunker down, and drop everything as the change swept through his body.

He was now a rat!

And that cat is huge. And grinning.