Deal 1279: Three

The man sits with a puppet on his knee. The puppet is wearing a blindfold, and the man is gagged. The parrot on his shoulder is wearing earmuffs.

And yet, they manage to see, hear, and speak no end of evils.

It is one hell of an act.


Deal 1273: One froggy picture

The smartest frog in the world sat for his portrait. Red velvet upholstery nicely set off his green skin tone, while a potted fern and a blue-gray cloudy backdrop provided tonal balance to the composition.

Rare tomes of law, philosophy, and medicine stood as reminders of his accomplishments, all the more rare as they were bound in the hides of his rivals, as was a slim volume of cat cartoons.

He was taking a risk from this session, as most people seeing the photograph would not recognize him as the author of all of the diverse books, or the artist behind the subtle subliminal imagery in the backdrop. If he were recognized for all of that, it would reveal his true age and nature. That might start the Salem Witch Trials all over again, and he’d seen how that worked out the first time.


Deal 1265: Cat and subject

At first glance, one could easily assume the painting was all a mass of black, and wonder why it was framed and hung at all. But with more time, one begins to see the subject more clearly. Everything in the frame is dark, and there isn’t a lot of light shining on the subject. The artist has also used techniques involving dark varnish so that some features only stand out when the painting is illuminated correctly.

With study, the central figure stands out, and is clearly not the subject of the work. The subject is the small black cat posed in his lap. Once seen, the cat’s eyes are difficult to unsee. And once seen, other cat’s eyes can be spotted all over the canvas.

The original title for the work is “A young man and his cat”. A better title would be “a masterful cat and her dutiful slave, and minions”.


Deal 1257: Way post TSA

The room had a hard durable floor, but even so the feet of many people had etched clear pathways across it. The walls and ceilings were painted some neutral inoffensive color that was almost offensive in effect, a typical public space institutional color. THere must have been lights, but without power, they were not obvious.

The room was divided by a row of doorways standing independently across the center. At one time, people would line up to take turns to use the doorway. Which was a bit odd, considering that there were no doors.

Each doorway had a light on top, and a niche that seemed like a good place to stand alongside and watch. Also near each doorway was a huge piece of machinery with conveyor belts running in and out. Aside from those obvious features, there was little to hint at what used to flow on those belts.