Deal 1179: Yellows not Blues

I woke up this morning
I woke up this morning
I say I woke up this morning
And this day looks good so far

I found a cure for cancer
We found a cure for cancer
Hey we found a cure for cancer
And it works every time it’s tried

Trees are green and leafy
Trees are green and leafy
All our trees are happy and health
And their fruit is all pest free

I’ve got the yellows
I’ve got the yellows you see
I’ve got a good case of yellows
Mellow and Yellow is a good way to be!


Deal 1153: Mirror

The mirror is a curse, of course. But it is a mild one.

I carry it with the rest of my stage supplies, and check my makeup before I go on. Having done that, the glamour remains for at least a few hours, and my set is always a success.

With it, I’m memorable. Better than that, I have fans, and a decent chance at a recording contract.

Without it, I’m not so sure.

I could always abandon it. I suspect that is how I came to possess it, actually. It’s previous owner abandoned it, and it arranged to be found by a suitable new owner.

Because while I may pretend to have free will, with that mirror in the picture, free will is nothing but an illusion.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an illusion I’m happy to preserve for now. But as sure as there’s tea in that pot, I can’t keep it forever.


Deal 1111: Pipe no more

There was a lone piper on the hill when I opened my eyes. He was playing, but I couldn’t quite make out the melody. You know it is going to be a strange day when you wake to bagpipes.

I looked around at the bleak landscape. Windblown hill faces, flat tops, occasional trees that were shaped by persistent winds, and not happily.

The piper was closer now. I hadn’t seen him moving, but he was now standing on the next line of hills.

Or perhaps I had moved towards him?

I wasn’t all that sure, to be honest.

I was beginning to realize that honesty was absolutely a good idea here. Wherever that might be.

I also somehow knew that hearing the music would be irrevocable. Somehow my current situation was ambiguous. But if I heard the piper, it would be certain. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to hear him.

Not only was the landscape bleak, but I was alone. So very alone. There were no other people to be seen in any direction. I am sure there had been some people near me before I went to sleep. But their memory was shadowy, suggestive, and ambiguous. I realized that I no longer knew my own name.

The real punch was the realization that I was not breathing. Had not taken a breath since I opened my eyes. Was not even sure if I could breathe.

In my panic, I opened my eyes again, to find a bright light and a circle of concerned people. There was no music playing, but the noise was music to my ears. It had been a close call. In my minds eye, I could see the piper salute, turn and walk away, his services not needed any more.