Deal 1205: Trained out of fear.

After years of discipline and practice he was nearly fearless.

The devices helped, of course. It was no test of the gom jabbar, but it was effective. Every time he approached the test, he had no idea what it might do to him this time. In the early days, merely picking up the device was about all he could stand. As he tamed his fears, the device took note and became more willing to change its appearance, change its operation, and change its actions.

To this day, a nagging feeling follows him around that the device is lurking just around the next corner, disguised and willing to taunt him some more.

In fact, it remains in his old training room. Gathering dust. Wishing for a new student that needs its talents.

It may go mad if not found by a new student.

Or madder. It might be hard to tell.