Deal 1407 Preview

The path: Raven, Impulsiveness, Racket, Fearlessness, Rat, Envy, and Cat


Deal 1369: Dark passages

I’ve Little use for a knife in a sock, especially with nearly all the threats handled. Of course, one never knows what might leap out from a dark corner. This castle is a large, dark, and mysterious place. And it doesn’t approve of visitors.

People who wander around here go missing. It is that sort of place.

Weapons aren’t going to be useful. What I really need are tools.

Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to make any sort of useful tools out of a butter knife.

And also unfortunately, the kitchens in this giant hunk of rock are not automated.


Deal 1348: Blinded by Science

I should be blind. Why am I not blind?

Or am I just vividly hallucinating and everyone else playing along?

Regardless of the reason, I continue to defy logic and reason. I am unafraid of the answers. I will find the cause of the blindness in my village.

I continue to suspect a witch is behind this, but we haven’t had a proven witch in the village since long before I was born. And yet, blindness follows us as an ever present danger. A danger that everyone else in town seems to take for granted, and seems to expect as their just fate.

I don’t accept it as my fate.

I will not go blind.

It can’t be that simple, can it?

Can simply defying the past make the future change?

Or is it possible that I am a witch and don’t know it?