New Spread: The Group Dinner

We’ve all been there. A large group of friends goes out for a meal, and ends up spread out along a long table, in a loud setting. Pretty soon everything is a game of telephone, whether it’s just “pass the pepper” or “Joe got promoted”.

Pretty soon all you know for sure is that Joe is in trouble, and no one wants the paper.

From the entire deck, deal a hand of 13 cards all in a row.

The story is hiding in plain sight, despite all the background noise caused by the other 11.

Which two are important? Isn’t that always the question? Are some of the cards staff? Are some ringers? Is the roast beast on the table? What about the pudding? And what is that playing in the background that no one is really listening to?

All are fair questions. Not all questions need answers.

And remember to have fun, even if your guests aren’t so happy!


The party includes success, Saw, Clumsiness, Fish, Hope, Certainty, Lantern, dog, alarm, Gramophone, Free Will, quill, and Infinite; all bathed in indigo (#7F00FF) light.

It is reasonable to hope that not everyone had the fish, the salmon mousse is particularly risky. Music is playing, and it is influencing both the conversation and people’s choices. But the persistently barking dog is the biggest problem. No one knows who brought the dog. Then the waiter spills the soup…