Deal 1494 Preview

The Group Dinner:
The party includes Typewriter, Apple, Fate, stick, Transformation, Limited, Poison, Clumsiness, Intelligence, Frog, Eye, Strength, and Temporary; all bathed in indigo (#7F00FF) light.


Deal 1493 Preview

The Group Dinner:
The party includes teddy bear, Fear, Protection, Abhor, Impulsiveness, Eye, Clumsiness, Birdcage, butter knife, Envy, Typewriter, fowl, and Lantern; all bathed in red (#dF0000) light.


Deal 1367: Puddy Tats

Watch the cat they said.

Sounds so simple. The cat is trouble, so it must be watched.

But it wasn’t just one cat. It was a gang of cats, all dressed about the same, all bent on mischief.

All cats are bent on mischief. Its a given.

So I watch the cat.

The cat had a bath. The cat had a nap. The cat had another bath. The cat stared at nothing without moving for twenty minutes.

I watched the cat.

And still the bird went missing from its cage.

There must be more than one cat.