Deal 1425 Preview

Vexing Vexillography:
The flag: success, Eye, Limited, and Unity
On a field of blue (#80b1d3)
Bordered in green (#00CC00)


Deal 1367: Puddy Tats

Watch the cat they said.

Sounds so simple. The cat is trouble, so it must be watched.

But it wasn’t just one cat. It was a gang of cats, all dressed about the same, all bent on mischief.

All cats are bent on mischief. Its a given.

So I watch the cat.

The cat had a bath. The cat had a nap. The cat had another bath. The cat stared at nothing without moving for twenty minutes.

I watched the cat.

And still the bird went missing from its cage.

There must be more than one cat.


Deal 1357: No Stereo

It was supposed to be the night of his life. A chance at happiness. Instead, it became a tragedy.

He had planned some quiet time alone with his stereo.

Instead, he suddenly found himself dead. He wondered about that for a while. How could he have died? How can he still wonder about it? What was going to happen with him gone?

All questions that were kind of moot given his current situation. But he still wondered.