Deal 1235: Orange Ball

The ballroom was a grand and elegant space, dominated by a pair of elevator cars that seemed to move freely as their gilded birdcage structure cleverly distracted the eye from their much more utilitarian components. Their landing back to back in the dead center of the room enhanced their sculptural contribution to the architecture.

Three stories up, they opened on to a catwalk landing that encircled their virtual shaft and spanned the space to a balcony that itself ringed the entire room, providing astonishing views of the crowd, and leading to various sitting rooms and other private spaces that could only be reached by this very public pathway. Adding to the spectacle, and to the scandalous delight of all, the catwalk was made of what appeared to be a thick sheet of glass with nearly invisible handrails.

The main entry delivered attendees at the top of an elegant stair down into the ballroom proper. Descending the stair they had a clear view of the dynamic of the crowd, and of those sneaking off to the elevators.

For the romantically inclined, the gilded elevator to the nearly invisible catwalk was a metaphoric trip to heaven.

For others, the whole thing was nothing but an elaborate cage that would hold them imprisoned for the amusement of society, then strip away any remaining dignity at the first opportunity.


Deal 1233: No apples today

The world is always and forever my orange. Yes I know the traditional metaphor here would be “apple”, but that would be the safe answer. Safety is clearly overrated in world conquest. Can’t conquer the world without taking a few risks. Or breaking a few eggs.

Let there be no doubt about it. Conquest is my goal.

When I rule the world, apples will be forbidden.

Safety will no longer be job one.

And the doctors will have to stay away on their own.