Deal 982: Froggy

It seemed like a good idea at the time. That is my story, and I’m sticking to it.

The frog was handy. The orange was just sitting there. The plot of the trick practically writes itself from there.

How did I do it?

Well, you’ll have to work that part out for yourself. After you give some serious thought to the question: should I do this?

Well, what could possibly go wrong?

The mark seemed eager to participate. He even cooperated in pretending to inspect the frog and sign it to recognize later. Some frogs like being handled, so signing it wasn’t all that hard.

Frogs are easy to vanish. Tree frogs are really easy to palm. So are geckoes. Leeches, of course, are even easier since they will tend to assume you are a buffet table and cling right away and feed. I figure the frog would vanish easily, and we’d advance the plot from there.

Frogs also are ornery little critters that only perform on cue when nobody’s watching. I’ve seen the Chuck Jones short. But I wasn’t expecting it to do anything other than sit still. It couldn’t even do that right.


So I catch the frog, and advance the story a bit further. Of course, now it’s vanish isn’t quite as magical as it could be. But still, it’s gone, and the orange is selected.

Now I’m afraid my mark won’t touch oranges or orange juice for a long long time.

Grenouille a l’orange anyone?


Deal 951: Tipped

“Step right up ladies and gentlemen and see here with your own blind eyes one of the wonders of the world!”

The barker was in fine form, gathering the crowd and getting ready to blow the tip.

“I speak, of course, of the amazing feats of strength and daring performed by our very own March of the Shadows. Being more than mere mortal, the Marquis does the improbable, speaks of the impossible, hypnotizes with wonders unimagined, and will even rhyme the unrhymable.”

The pitch was a little erudite for the usual crowd, but still it did catch one’s attention.

“Just inside this tent, for a small consideration, all things promised will be delivered.”

I stepped forward with the throng at my back …