Deal 1241: Reflected Nonnet

Few universal infinities
Exist with certainty, I fear
Abject stupidity is
Rooted absolutely
in people
at large
and there
we do find
common sense, wit and
wisdom. Rare, I admit,
and yet located hither
and yon, like lost socks, and misplaced
key rings, found only when its funny.


Deal 1220: The Pitch

The possibilities are endless, follow my path and you can truly become anything you can imagine. Wealth. Beauty. Fame. Anything.

My method is simple, and anyone can join in and benefit.

All for a small investment. A token of commitment and good faith.

The good faith is the key, with that everything else becomes possible.

The alternative is to live as you are, changing nothing, with no prospects, and no excitement. No commitment, no investment in the outcome. Live. Pay nothing. Remain as you are. Trapped in an unchanging world.

Or make an investment in your future self. Change to anything you want to be.

The choice is yours.


Deal 1163: Watson may have watched Cthulhu dressing

The wise man once said something about not remembering the past meaning you were doomed to repeat it. He wasn’t entirely wrong.

Although, “doomed” isn’t the word I’d choose. “Able” might be a better choice.

Repeating the past is our whole secret. And the ability to do so with open mind and a memory of what is or might have been to come. Because, while history has a certain weight and inevitability to it, nothing is writ in stone.

Another wise man said something about the moving finger writing. Probably not referring to the fickle finger of fate, of course. But he too had a finger on the pulse of truth. Perhaps he was one of us, I certainly don’t know us all. I don’t really even know how many of us there are.

Counting temporal technicians is tricky, of course. First, we must agree on a baseline timeline in which to do the counting.
But time isn’t so conveniently arranged. Another wise man wrote about the “trousers of time”, and perhaps getting both feet in the wrong leg. He wasn’t entirely wrong either, except of course that the trousers were made for a non-spacial many legged creature that might as well be Cthulhu. You really don’t want to look too closely at his legs without his pants on. Trust me on that.

Madness is too kind.

But I digress.

The phone rings.

An auspicious start. Or end. Either way, Watson answers. Is it Holmes calling? Only in a past where Holmes was real and the phone was invented before the gaslight. That is a very narrow leg indeed. No, this is Thomas Watson, barely remembered in most histories. And it might not be strictly correct to say that his phone rang. It was early days, and the operator hadn’t been invented yet, just the telephone.

And the wonders of the infinitely legged trousers unfolded in new and intriguing ways.

Just remember not to peek inside.

Because that way lies the kind of madness where people put oranges or even peanut butter in their beer.

Oh, that is already happening?

Maybe that really is Cthulhu wearing the trousers.

And maybe we are all mad here.

New plates?


Well, then, time for a new phone.


Deal 1154: Haunting

The ghost manifested, if it was seen at all, at midnight and stayed no later than dawn. It was seen best by moonlight, with the pallid glow of the moon added to its appearance without drowning it. It did not seem to be a malignant spirit. But it was insistent that it be seen and heard. Being nearly invisible and nearly silent did not help with either condition.

Whatever its mission, it lingered in this world against the normal order of things. The longer it stayed, the higher the stakes became.

Until then, there was something humorous about using the light of a ghost to read by.