Deal 1397 Preview

The path: Bomb, tuxedo, Temporary, Puppet, Voodoo, Strength, and Infinite


Deal 1369: Dark passages

I’ve Little use for a knife in a sock, especially with nearly all the threats handled. Of course, one never knows what might leap out from a dark corner. This castle is a large, dark, and mysterious place. And it doesn’t approve of visitors.

People who wander around here go missing. It is that sort of place.

Weapons aren’t going to be useful. What I really need are tools.

Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to make any sort of useful tools out of a butter knife.

And also unfortunately, the kitchens in this giant hunk of rock are not automated.


Deal 1345: Quoth, he says

The idea should have been obvious, but the obvious rarely is.

My greatest creation would be realized on stage, by puppets, telling the sad tale of a lost love and a desperate lover, from the point of view of his avian visitor.

It is a tale that deserves to be told.

Alas, it may never be.

The inevitable has happened, and a lawyer got wind of our plans.

Then another lawyer got wind of the potential.

Now the lawyers are feeding off of each other, suing everything in sight, and doing their best to hasten the heat death of the universe.

And so the tale will be told.



Deal 1326: Chick delivery

I’ve got the last trace I needed, and assembled my effigy. Rectangular. Display simulated by a photo of a chicken. It looks strong enough, but looks can be so deceiving. Here, the big sign must serve to both guide repairs and prevent future injuries.

Any effigy must be activated. I have an old cable used with the real one that I tucked inside.

Now it is just a matter of clearly visualizing my intent as I pierce it with pins.

And now its ringing. It’s not really a phone! It’s just a voodoo doll of a phone! It can’t be ringing.

“Hello. I’d like to order a whole chicken, fried. Yes. Thank you.”

Chicken will be here soon. Right after it goes for a bath in the infinite pool of hot oil.

A prince will bring a chicken.