Deal 1275: Mannequin

The mannequin stands silent, at attention, dressed in the finest white tie fashion.

His classic appearance is marred only by the secchi disk emblems seen on his hips, temples, and knees. Exactly why a display mannequin would need fiducial markers is left unsaid, and is probably a question better left unasked. A smudge on one marker suggests that the mannequin’s life is not all wine and roses. If the mannequin could talk, he would likely have stories to tell.

He stands in an alcove cleverly lined with mirrors so that the view past his shoulders extends to infinity, almost as if he is stuck in the transition from one plane of existence to another. He does not seem too happy about that.


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Deal 1261: Carrots

The light from a single broken window picked out a single machine, and made it stand out from the rest of the abandoned factory. The rest of the space was lost to shadows with occasional brighter spots where a window was inexplicably cleaner than the rest, allowing a little more light to pass. The light from the broken window was placed perfectly to emphasize the complexity of this particular machine.

No one remembered what this factory made when it was in operation. The business name had been taken down ages ago, and most of the paint was faded outside. Even if the name had been legible, it was clearly one of those generic names that leaves no clues as to the identities of either the founders or their industry. Inside, most workstations had supplies of decaying parts and the occasional drawings. But the paper was yellowed with age, and the parts were as mysterious as the machines that had made them.

The most interesting thing was illuminated clearly. A bin of carrots, spilling out on to the floor into a mound that flooded two of the aisles between the machines. At the fringes, the carrots were rather old and dry, cracking in the dusty air. But near the top of the pile, the carrots might have been picked yesterday.

This bin, and the large machine beside it, were near the center of the factory, surrounded by the pile of aging carrots, and further out surrounded by undisturbed dust. There was no obvious way for fresh carrots to reach the pile. And yet, there they were, plain as day. The bright orange root glistened in the sunlight, a few grains of dirt and just a single dewdrop clinging to its sides. The greens were standing fresh and crisp as well.

Looking closer, I realized that the dust was not completely undisturbed. There was a single trail of small footprints, punctuated by occasional marks from what could have been a long tail. From the size of the footprints, a well fed rat was coming and going from the carrot pile, but was also clearly not sharing the location of his find with any other critters.

I heard a rustling noise behind me, and turned.

There at the top of the pile was a second fresh carrot.

I swear it wasn’t there before.


Deal 1261 Preview

Paint me a picture:
Subject: Widget
Frame: Rat, The Unknown, Infinite, and Carrot
Canvas: blue (#80b1d3)


Deal 1252: Watching

Slowly the Eye came into focus, on one of many bowers made of twigs that we had examined so far today.

We were in luck this time.

Finally, we had one that was occupied. Sunlight filtered in through the lightly leafed canopy, dappling the shiny black feathers with dots of light.

Light that was not quite right. The eclipse was only partial there, and the gaps in the leaves were forming many pinhole cameras projecting the sliver of the sun’s disk onto any surface that would stand still. The effect was that some edges were blurred, and some were extremely sharp.

The bird saw none of this, of course. Or if it did, it wasn’t paying attention to celestial events.

As the Eye came into focus, the bird’s attention did turn to stare directly into the Eye’s point of view. Almost as if the bird could do the impossible, and see the effect of the Eye presence in its bower. An Eye that was hundreds of miles away.

Ravens, are smarter than most realize. This Raven certainly knew something was up. Perhaps it had noticed the eclipse and was on the lookout for additional weirdness. Or perhaps it was just guessing.


Deal 1252 Preview

Paint me a picture:
Subject: Raven
Frame: Eye, Widget, stick, and Infinite
Canvas: orange (#fdb462)


Deal 1241: Reflected Nonnet

Few universal infinities
Exist with certainty, I fear
Abject stupidity is
Rooted absolutely
in people
at large
and there
we do find
common sense, wit and
wisdom. Rare, I admit,
and yet located hither
and yon, like lost socks, and misplaced
key rings, found only when its funny.