Deal 1308: Ribbit?

Jewel had a lifetime of training behind her. But that never really made what she had to do easier. Each time was as difficult as her first.

By this point she went through the motions without thinking and the results were all she could hope for.

But this one turned orange.

No, orange was not the expected color. Aside from color, it seemed perfectly happy.

But then, who could really tell?


Deal 1306: Its a small something

The song was stuck in my head, and I was going to be hearing it all day. But that wasn’t what was most annoying.

It was stuck there because I was doing a good deed and helping a friend.

I may have helped distract their kids for the afternoon.

But spending more than half that time stuck on a broken ride while the theme music track plays at what feels like increasingly annoying volume and while the kids finally achieve their dream of memorizing the lyrics and choreography is just the icing on the cake.

My only consolation is that at the end of the day, I get to return the little parrots to their home, where they will inflict their new learning on their parents.