Deal 1125: Trials

unspeakable deed
his friends left for dead
they all turned away
once they saw the fray
defiant he stood
no fear calm as wood
yet no weapons found
to cause any wounds
his charges unproved
so will be removed

when charged without proof
the truth shall set you free yet
mischance possible


Deal 1074: Barber-Frog Quartet

At first there was one resonating through the night, bold and strong taking the lead. Then a second joined in, followed swiftly by at least two more.

The singing was unsure at first, but swiftly fell into a pattern that was more familiar than chaotic as the voices warmed to their task.

As the night wore on, they would sometimes pause. Sure, individual voices had come and gone from the chorus. But once in a while all the voice would fall silent together. It made their return, often in unison, all the more surprising.