Deal 1366: Eyes on the storm

The eyes watched. There are always eyes. The eyes are never there when I try to point them out, but I know they are there. Watching. Judging. Commanding.

The dark approached. It wasn’t the ordinary sort of darkness that attends night’s fall. No, it was a far more tangible sort of darkness.

A darkness that portends.

I’m not sure what it portends. But it looks like the sort of thing that must portend something.

The eyes agree.

They wink. And nod, subtly.

And somehow, I know what must be done.

And possibly even have the strength to do what must be done.

The eyes are jealous of anything else that might be as dark and opaque as they are. I’m not saying that right, I rarely succeed when I try to put what the eyes tell me into words.

It doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that the great darkness must not reach here.

The eyes say so.

And with their will behind me, it passes harmlessly.

And I may return to my quiet, peaceful worship of the eyes.

The watch me. And judge. And find me worthy.



Deal 1326: Chick delivery

I’ve got the last trace I needed, and assembled my effigy. Rectangular. Display simulated by a photo of a chicken. It looks strong enough, but looks can be so deceiving. Here, the big sign must serve to both guide repairs and prevent future injuries.

Any effigy must be activated. I have an old cable used with the real one that I tucked inside.

Now it is just a matter of clearly visualizing my intent as I pierce it with pins.

And now its ringing. It’s not really a phone! It’s just a voodoo doll of a phone! It can’t be ringing.

“Hello. I’d like to order a whole chicken, fried. Yes. Thank you.”

Chicken will be here soon. Right after it goes for a bath in the infinite pool of hot oil.

A prince will bring a chicken.


Deal 1323: Quack

Asleep, the music gave me strength to hope.

Awake, it was always concerning. For music, as we are all taught from childhood, is forbidden here.

But the music in our heads cannot be punished. Unless it leaks out.

So dreaming of music is always welcome.

This music was strange. Discordant. Trapped in just a few notes nearly repeating, with a tone that was reminiscent of an ill duck coughing. Yet the more I listened to it, the deeper it drew me into its spell.

After a dozen repetitions, it begins to make sense. Or perhaps I am going mad.

No matter. This is clearly a case where the only way out is in.

Quack. Quough. Quack.


Deal 1317: More Doors

As my quest continues, the doors seem to be everywhere I turn. But so far almost none of them have opened to my key. I have not given up hope of returning one day, but even I will admit the prospect seem grim.

Then I punched the button for the elevator. The door opened and I stepped inside.

That’s when I realized that I had never seen an elevator on this level before. The door closed behind me, and the elevator car went totally dark.

A light came on in the distance, and I knew that I had to prove myself by running to it before it disappeared. I would have made it too if I had seen the chasm. As I was falling seemingly endlessly, I replayed the whole journey looking for a better way forward.

I landed well, and realized that the chasm was actually a cliff, and I was closer to my goal.

I also realized that I was no longer sure why I was so set on catching the light. Glancing over my shoulder revealed that the light was a projector, and my image was projected on to the cliff face. With commentary. And suggestions.

The only way out of that trap was to change my goals and never look back. I decided then and there that first chance I got I would step onto stage dressed as Prince and perform.

That was nearly absurd enough to break me free. It did allow the light of the projector to show me a door hidden in the rocks at the base of the cliff. Surprisingly, my key fit the lock and the door opened.