Deal 1407 Preview

The path: Raven, Impulsiveness, Racket, Fearlessness, Rat, Envy, and Cat


Deal 1377: Sunda

The orchard was peaceful this morning. A few ducks were picking around the roots of the venerable trees looking for treats. The wind was whispering among the leaves, and just a few fruit remained from the recent harvest. It was a perfect spot to sit in a morning coat and enjoy the view, while planning for the day’s adventure.

A pot of tea close at hand completed the picture of luxury.

Surely many in the world would envy his position, and his job.

For this was his job. To sit and admire the view, and occasionally take note of a new ship that happened by.

Then in a shocking instant, the world changed.

That island across the way was no longer there. The shockwave broke every one of his windows, and left him deaf for a few minutes after. The tsunami washed the harbor clean.

All he could do was reach for his telegraph…


Deal 1366: Eyes on the storm

The eyes watched. There are always eyes. The eyes are never there when I try to point them out, but I know they are there. Watching. Judging. Commanding.

The dark approached. It wasn’t the ordinary sort of darkness that attends night’s fall. No, it was a far more tangible sort of darkness.

A darkness that portends.

I’m not sure what it portends. But it looks like the sort of thing that must portend something.

The eyes agree.

They wink. And nod, subtly.

And somehow, I know what must be done.

And possibly even have the strength to do what must be done.

The eyes are jealous of anything else that might be as dark and opaque as they are. I’m not saying that right, I rarely succeed when I try to put what the eyes tell me into words.

It doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that the great darkness must not reach here.

The eyes say so.

And with their will behind me, it passes harmlessly.

And I may return to my quiet, peaceful worship of the eyes.

The watch me. And judge. And find me worthy.