Deal 956: Elevator blues

Up, then down, with long pauses of boredom in between. That is all I get to do. Of course, I rarely face a life or death dilemma in my lot in life. Up or down. Not really lots of choice or large consequences either.

Most passengers don’t opt for the witty repartee. Of course, after asking “up or down”, opportunities are not exactly pounding on my doors. The weather only matters when it is bad enough that passengers are tracking it into my floor.

I’m actually very clumsy, but people don’t see that. I can see that I miss my targets by as much as a quarter inch. That is right at the limit of my specification, but I hide it well.

Still and all, my choices are up or down.

I’d like to have the freedom to go sideways once. Or even to see the weather myself. I keep hearing about the blue sky, but have never seen it. All I have for comparison is my institutional white lighting. I’m told it is not the same thing at all.