Deal 1408 Preview

The path: Loyalty, Saw, Knowledge, Beauty, Puppet, Baseness, and Raven


Deal 1380: Not always funny

Anger fed on him, burning through his whole being, controlling almost everything he did.

It was anger that destroyed his chance at recovering his lost job. He couldn’t face all the stupidity of the office grind and still remain calm. There had been a time when keeping up with the games of office politics had seemed fun. Those days were long gone, lost to the sea of anger that led him to neglect all his carefully cultivated relationships and pools of favors.

There were times when he had been tempted to leave, but had always stayed out of some sort of misplaced loyalty. Loyalty that has been repaid (or so his anger tells him) by abandoning him in his time of need. The way they swept him out of their lives felt entirely like betrayal. And fed his anger more.

His anger led to his failure. Failure as a businessman. Failure as a husband. Failure as a father. Failure as a provider. Each one of those failures became as a lodestone, dragging him down in the river of anger. He was drowning in it.

The headwaters of that river were a lake of placid indifference. Something must of broken the dike, released the water, and washed him away. Nevermore to be calm in the face of the world. Nevermore to hold his dog. Nevermore to hold his daughter.

For the anger fed on him, burning through his whole being, controlling almost everything he did.


Deal 1345: Quoth, he says

The idea should have been obvious, but the obvious rarely is.

My greatest creation would be realized on stage, by puppets, telling the sad tale of a lost love and a desperate lover, from the point of view of his avian visitor.

It is a tale that deserves to be told.

Alas, it may never be.

The inevitable has happened, and a lawyer got wind of our plans.

Then another lawyer got wind of the potential.

Now the lawyers are feeding off of each other, suing everything in sight, and doing their best to hasten the heat death of the universe.

And so the tale will be told.