Deal 1372: Swinging in the dark

The plan seemed like a good idea at the time. Fell a tree at night, when it isn’t nearly as hot out. All it would take is some time, a few lanterns, and a sharp axe. And the ability to use the axe, of course.

We marked a likely tree with a blaze in daylight, then tried to come back after dark to fell it.

We didn’t reckon on how different the forest is at night. Lantern light just highlights all the hazards without lighting enough of the surroundings to find your way. We must have walked in circles for hours looking for the blaze.

Eventually, we gave up and tried to find our way back to the farm. By that point, however, we had crossed a ridge line without quite noticing, and had no idea where we were. We lost the axe head somewhere along the way when it got hooked on some undergrowth. And we almost walked off the edge of a gully before the sound of running water from below caused us to stop and look.

We never did find out if actually felling the tree would be easier in the dark.

But given everything the forest did to prevent us from trying, I bet it would not be as smart as it seemed by daylight!


Deal 1354: No Mimes

The crowd turned quickly when the figured out what was going on. They weren’t going to have anything to do with strange performers refusing to speak. It didn’t matter how good they were, this was a down that was proud of its noise and was frankly very suspicious of anyone wanting to be quiet.

They ran those mimes out of town on a rail. With a marching band and a choir to drive their point home.


Deal 1330: Red lights

Walk in The Dreamlands 18:
Gentleman, Certainty, dog, Loyalty, Lantern, Baseness, Wisdom

The bell rang. There were men at the door, men I’d never seen before. They simply walked in as if they owned the place. What could I do, I’m not sure who I am, if I belong here, or where here is, exactly.

The bell rang. There were more men at the door. This was getting odd. Why was I answering the door and ignoring the men who rang the bell?

The bell rang. I opened the door and left, completely ignoring the men on the doorstep.

I was pretty sure this was the right thing to do.

The bell rang. But there is no door. It was a very zen sort of bell.

The dog beside me wagged its tail and drooled.

I stared at the dog.

It stared at me.

I don’t own a dog. A dog doesn’t own me. I think.

The bell rang in the distance.

The lantern above the door was red. That was supposed to mean something. There were other buildings on the street with red lights above their doors. It was almost as if this was a themed district, the sort of place where for no apparent reason every business re-opens after dark with a red light.

The bell rang.

The bell rang.

The bell rang.

I threw my alarm clock across the room. The cat at the foot of the bed was staring at me.

I felt guilty, but I don’t know why.