Deal 1310: So.

So smart so stupid
so served shallow senseless suit
so settled sans cents


Deal 1276: Vlad

The portrait hung at a place of pride in the main hall, depicting triumph over the long odds of his survival. He survived, he flourished, and there were few indications that this would change for years to come.

He had seen what everyone had seen, and had been unafraid of acting on what most knew.

Most everyone before him had assumed that there was no chance of success, and avoided even trying.

He defied those naysayers and struck out to establish himself in society regardless.

His place and esteem rose rapidly. His bat sanctuary became a fashionable charity, with nearly everyone claiming to contribute at least a little. He had the wisdom to keep his true nature a secret all the while, and the outside experts hired by the charity realized swiftly that talking about the ways these bats differed from the norm was not a good career move.

The commoners seemed to be oblivious to the occasional disappearances and unexplained murders. Seeking explanations could only lead to discovering answers, and everyone had seen what happened to people who learned too much.

The bodies were a little inconvenient when they turned up, drained completely of all blood, but the message was clear.


Deal 1266: Toast perfection

Sitting on the anvil is a thing of beauty. A silver sliver with a wooden handle, died forest green. The blade is nearly impossible to break, while remaining thin and supple without being any sharper than needed to slice and spread butter and cheese.

Nothing remains to show the effort that went in to its creation. Scraps and dust have been swept away. All tool marks have been polished off. The blade stands alone as its own achievement.

The anvil is surrounded by a light curtain alarm. The knife will remain where it is until the rightful owner appears with the correct toast. Only the correct toast will unlock the alarm and allow the blade to be used. For toast is bread reborn.

In the next alcove we find an ideal spoon…


Deal 1215: Consequences

Events turned on a dime once his decision was made. Most of that cascade was outside his purview, of course. He still had trouble recalling and believing how far his influence spread.

After all, he wasn’t born to his position. Nor had he earned it in any of the usual venues.

He earned it by saving the King.

Why had the King need of the help of a beggar?

Because— actually he didn’t have a good answer to that normally rhetorical question. All he could really speak to was the event itself. The King was alone, the would-be killer stepped out of a shadow. What would anyone do in that circumstance? Even if it was very strange that the King was in your alley after midnight?