Deal 1400 Preview

The path: hobo, Against all odds, Support, Phone, Carrot, sock, and Hope


Deal 1377: Sunda

The orchard was peaceful this morning. A few ducks were picking around the roots of the venerable trees looking for treats. The wind was whispering among the leaves, and just a few fruit remained from the recent harvest. It was a perfect spot to sit in a morning coat and enjoy the view, while planning for the day’s adventure.

A pot of tea close at hand completed the picture of luxury.

Surely many in the world would envy his position, and his job.

For this was his job. To sit and admire the view, and occasionally take note of a new ship that happened by.

Then in a shocking instant, the world changed.

That island across the way was no longer there. The shockwave broke every one of his windows, and left him deaf for a few minutes after. The tsunami washed the harbor clean.

All he could do was reach for his telegraph…


Deal 1344: Birdy

I turned a corner and found myself in the back room of a tux shop. Everywhere I turned, there were penguin suits, waiting for penguins to wear them. The line of wet footprints going out the door where I had come in seemed to indicate this was a hopping joint.

The rat behind the counter looked at me askance, probably because I didn’t belong there at all. I’m not a penguin. Nope. Not a penguin. I guess a rat can’t be successful without keeping some control of his business. I can respect that. But I’m still no penguin.

When his phone rang, I took that opportunity to get out from under his beady-eyed gaze.

The wet footprints led to the fish bar next door, which I found was crowded with half-naked penguins.

The flightless birds look even sillier without their suits.

I suppose I’ll have a fish cocktail, then wander on my way before they figure out I’m an Orca.


Deal 1339: Bearly

Chickens, everywhere. In some spaces, just one. In others, a thousand. Everywhere I turn, chickens. I’ve opened every door I can find, only to find more chickens.

Then I spot it, standing in the center of the square, surrounded by fowl. A phone booth.

I work my way through the crowd to its door, and sneak inside.

Amazingly, no chicken follows.

When I peek outside, I see the birds slowly backing away.

Then the flash of light.

They back away faster. I open the door, and get a glimpse of my reflection as the glass moves. Suddenly I’m dressed all in white, carrying a cane, and sporting a white goatee. No wonder the chickens are backing away.

As they move aside, I see some hope of escape without a chicken in tow.

I make my way onwards, and through the next door. Into a room full of teddy bears. Big bears. Small bears. Fluffy bears. Buff bears. Toothy bears.

Suddenly, I’m envious of the chickens.

But no matter. I’m almost through, so I calmly walk through and out the final door.