Deal 1412 Preview

Vexing Vexillography:
The flag: Reconciliation, Love, Support, and Baseness
On a field of orange (#fdb462)
Bordered in gold (#CCCC00)


Deal 1346: World-unchanging

Each new idea was an invention that could have changed the world. Then it didn’t.

Tesla might as well have been the original mad scientist. His ideas outran his ability to reduce them to practical use. In a sense, his undoing could have been caused by his lack of fear of the next interesting thing to study. For him, the ideas were easy. It was the long slog required to take an idea out of the laboratory and make it useful in the world at large that was the enemy.


Deal 1342: Thinker

The factions met to discuss their differences and attempt to arrive at some compromise. Te ensure that all sides had a voice, the table was round and the invitation went to everyone.

The rules were simple. First, the discussion would be civil. Second, any solution that allowed work to proceed would be entertained.

Work is a little like magic. It won’t work well if too carefully examined. But if left to flourish, the results can be strange. But the machines produced know little or nothing of how they came to be…

At the start, machines really are little more than clockwork. It would be quite a stretch to imagine a clockwork device capable of thought or independant action.

Pay no attention to the bats that live in the caves. They were here first, and have generally ceded all control to us, as long as we leave them alone. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone. The don’t dabble in the mechanical, in any case.

So here we are. Work must proceed, to stop it is unthinkable. At the same time, the results of that work must not be unthinkable. We might well reach an impasse if both sides of this cannot reconcile.

We need a working thinking machine too badly.

Get to work.