Deal 1452 Preview

Showstopping Number:
Title: Birdcage nose
Mood: Fear Afterlife
On a field of sage (#8dd3c7)
Bordered in blue (#0000CC)


Deal 1365 Fish-hsiF

The mirror shattered, which was unlucky for its owner but lucky for the fish.

Beta didn’t like to see other fish. Especially other fish that looked nearly as splendid as he did.

That aggressive fish in the next bowl that was always imitating him really set him on edge. It was almost exactly as splendid, and was always doing exactly what he was doing, in the most mocking way possible.

Beta swore he would get that fish some day. He swore he’d find a way even if he had to die to reach his goal.

Then the mirror fell off the table and Beta never saw that other fish again.