Deal 1164: Spied

Busybodies are found everywhere. At work, their snooping is usually discovered early on and they can be redirected into useful tasks. In neighborhoods they can fuel petty complaints and start feuds. On an international scale, they can bring down nations.

Spies are professional busybodies. Sneaking around, prying into all media looking for anything out of place.

Handled with skill, their presence can defer or even delay a war and they can last for years.

Years holding a secret that could destroy them and all that they love if it were told.

As these years pass, I want you to peer into the abyss. Sometimes the abyss peers back at you.


Deal 1153: Mirror

The mirror is a curse, of course. But it is a mild one.

I carry it with the rest of my stage supplies, and check my makeup before I go on. Having done that, the glamour remains for at least a few hours, and my set is always a success.

With it, I’m memorable. Better than that, I have fans, and a decent chance at a recording contract.

Without it, I’m not so sure.

I could always abandon it. I suspect that is how I came to possess it, actually. It’s previous owner abandoned it, and it arranged to be found by a suitable new owner.

Because while I may pretend to have free will, with that mirror in the picture, free will is nothing but an illusion.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an illusion I’m happy to preserve for now. But as sure as there’s tea in that pot, I can’t keep it forever.


Deal 1139: Couplets

Beware unknown unknowns, because they are
lurking unseen unheard unfelt yet there
Sunlight illuminating the shadows
repeatedly sustained will help them go
what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
the shadow knows, tells all, again, again.
Fear not, be not yellow, nor fowl, chicken
awareness now fends off chance of victim
as a window into darkest corners
reveals lurking dangers, evil doers.