Deal 1351: Dog mill

It seemed like an idea that couldn’t fail: run the mill with dogs. Sure there were some minor details to work out, but they all seemed the sort of thing that would fall out with trial and practice.

But they didn’t count on a key element. Dogs are only useful when they really want to be. If not, they will find a way over or under the fence, to freedom.

The dogs all ran away.


Deal 1350: Tea, hold the death

If I were better at my job, he’d be dead by now. The plot was perfect. The tea was poisoned, and the dose was calculated for his size. If he’d had the whole cup, he’d be dead.

I should have known how big a klutz I was dealing with. I didn’t do my homework on this one. I got lazy.

He only drank half a cup, then dropped it, and knocked the pot off attempting to catch the falling cup.

Later, I can only assume he had some stomach troubles, but not as much as I intended.

And he lived.


Deal 1348: Blinded by Science

I should be blind. Why am I not blind?

Or am I just vividly hallucinating and everyone else playing along?

Regardless of the reason, I continue to defy logic and reason. I am unafraid of the answers. I will find the cause of the blindness in my village.

I continue to suspect a witch is behind this, but we haven’t had a proven witch in the village since long before I was born. And yet, blindness follows us as an ever present danger. A danger that everyone else in town seems to take for granted, and seems to expect as their just fate.

I don’t accept it as my fate.

I will not go blind.

It can’t be that simple, can it?

Can simply defying the past make the future change?

Or is it possible that I am a witch and don’t know it?