Deal 1408 Preview

The path: Loyalty, Saw, Knowledge, Beauty, Puppet, Baseness, and Raven


Deal 1351: Dog mill

It seemed like an idea that couldn’t fail: run the mill with dogs. Sure there were some minor details to work out, but they all seemed the sort of thing that would fall out with trial and practice.

But they didn’t count on a key element. Dogs are only useful when they really want to be. If not, they will find a way over or under the fence, to freedom.

The dogs all ran away.


Deal 1332: Empty

The farm was quiet. Too quiet. I knew that was trouble, but I was too deeply enmeshed in the fog of sleep to remember why. One thousand chickens should be up to something that makes at least a little noise at any time of day or night.

The farm was quiet as I moved about, peering into buildings, looking for something.

I’m troubled now that I try to tell the tale that I don’t remember what I was searching for. I do remember that the search was singularly ineffective.

After a while I did notice that there were no chickens.

And that worried me.

So did the man I saw in the distance also walking and searching the farm. He was also peering into buildings and looking like he was on a quest. The whole time, he was carrying a carrot in one hand an apple in the other like an orb and scepter. The carrot had vividly green tops still attached, and I could see the root was bright orange and fresh from the ground.

No one around here grows carrots. Too many rabbits.

As he moved, the carrot tops shook as if they were a benediction.

I took a bite out of the apple.

And tried to remember where I got the carrot.


Deal 1294: Spot

The whole space was more than a little twisted and confused, almost as if someone had been dragging a finger through the wet paint of reality. That didn’t bother Spot much though.

He took off after a squirrel pretty much immediately after he was let loose to flush out anything interesting. We weren’t thinking of squirrels, but of course Spot is rarely thinking of anything else.

We didn’t count on what the squirrel did next.

Spot tracked it into the depths of the machinery.

Deep enough that everything around us seemed just off kilter and wrong. The squirrel kept going, and so did Spot.

When we turned the corridors over, there were no other alarms.

The strange spatial distortion remained. So did the wide changing tins.