Deal 1122: Unexpectedly pie

The daily grind continues, with all the office denizens serving as puppets to the whims of their boss and company. But the strings aren’t all pulled from the top. As we’ve seen it is never easy to spot who is pulling the invisible strings. Seen or unseen, they are nonetheless pulled. And we all dance to their beat.

One day a voice of reason will shine a lantern of truth powerful enough to catch the stings in action. Until then, we have little choice. We conform. We obey. We don’t cross against the light, make waves, or color outside the lines.

Even our least actions are thought out carefully and regulated to keep all operations on an even keel.


The incident with the apple is not typical. We are a fruit-free workplace. But the apple came in uninvited and found an unoccupied space to borrow.

The next thing we knew, we had a batch of fruit propaganda inserted into the company newsletter.

It made a good pie, though.


Deal 1053: Caught one

Time to check my traps. Not necessarily for dinner, but you never know.

“Hey! Get me out of this cage, and we’ll talk.”

Great. I’ve caught something, and it is chatty. I did not see that coming. “I think we’ll talk for a minute just like this first, thanks.”

“But you must let me out?”


The trap is indeed sprung, and there is something fluffy in the cage. It turns slowly. It is the cat that has been fading in and out around our campsites and generally acting smug. “Not so smug now, eh, wise guy?”

“Call me Bruce. And let me out!”

“Ok, Bruce. You know I’m Sydney and she’s Gwen. Time for a little cooperation.”

After pumping him for all he was worth, we agreed he was acting independently, and was likely not connected to any of the mysteries. So we did let him out.

But did that ungrateful monster thank us?


He faded out practically in my arms as I opened the cage!