Deal 591: A Talent for Escape

“No elevator for you in that outfit,” the guard said. Well, not exactly in so many words. It was more his look, and his reach towards his sidearm that did most of the talking.

So yes, the clothes were going to become a problem soon, if they weren’t already.

After all, I am on the wrong side of more than one locked door, and wearing an outfit that strongly suggests that I am in fact on the right side. At least by the lights of those who currently have the most say in my wardrobe, eating habits, and roommates.

And I’m not exactly happy about it.

But that’s ok.

I’m biding my time, waiting for the right moment and while I’m waiting there’s always the three squares and a cot provided courtesy of whoever pays the taxes in this gods-forsaken place.

When the time is right, I’ll apply my talent to the weak spot. A little fire. A little luck. Possibly a tall tale or two whispered in the right ear or shouted in someone’s left ear. I’m not picky, really.

And in the meantime, orange really does suit me.

In the fullness of time, it will become clear to all that there is no jail that can hold Loki.


Deal 589: Answer with a Grin

I exude confidence, like a cat. And like a cat, I am elusive, prone to acting without warning, getting ruffled unexpectedly, and never turning my nose up at a sunny spot.

After all, I do know the answer.

I don’t always know the question. But I will reflect on that.

But when asked, I will always answer. And I will always answer with confidence and a smile.

If my answer isn’t appreciated, I will usually just fade away into the shadows. Sometimes I’ll argue my case. Sometimes I’ll revise what I pay my words. But I always smile.

It is the grin that lingers with them.


Deal 588: Road crossing, revisited

The swamp was, like all swamps, a mix of extremely stagnant water and mud that might have merely been hip deep but seemed to be bottomless.

When traffic on the nearby expressway was calm, you could easily hear all the usual noises; the frogs calling to each other lazily, the occasional splash from a fish jumping at a fly, the birds singing about their nest-building and egg rearing prowess, and the angry squawking of a trapped chicken.


That last one. Not quite as normal, that.

The highway department promised year after year to saw down some of the trees overhanging the highway. Year after year those promise were revealed to be empty. This year might be different now that a low hanging tree has scraped the roof off a shipment of live chickens, and apparently let several loose onto the highway.

One thing never mentioned about chickens is how clever they are. That chicken did manage to cross the road, but all it found was more swamp and the same high risk of crocodile.