Deal 1490 Preview

The Group Dinner:
The party includes Failure, Fearlessness, Selfishness, quill, sunk, Impulsiveness, axe, teddy bear, Certainty, chicken, Gramophone, Rat, and Widget; all bathed in orange (#FF7F00) light.


Deal 1318: Outlook cloudy.

It always starts with a bird.

This time, it was bird after bird after bird. They just kept streaming at me, around me, over me, through me, ooh, that tickles!

Birds flying through me ought to bother me more, but it seems to be something that just happens.

I remember being clumsy, when I was awake. But now, I just float here and watch it all.

The birds keep coming. First it was swallows in a full-form swarm.

Then it was an echelon of geese. They cut through me like I wasn’t even there.

I should fear the geese more, but I can’t seem to bring myself to fear anything anymore.

From my vantage, everything but the birds is so far away, below me, and unable to touch me.

I can just watch, and maybe send a bird or two for help.

The only real problem is that my nose itches. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have a nose any more.

Any more.


Deal 1314: Quest

The moment I stepped through the door I knew it was going to be a tough journey. Not that there was anything obvious I could point at, mind. It was more a matter of mood in the trees.

At the first turn in the path, I no longer felt overwhelmed by it, and made up my mind to persevere.

The tux was a bit of a surprise, as I don’t own one in the mundane world. At that point, the path led me to the stage, and the amphitheater was full. The stage was dark, except for a single pin spot on a classic Gramophone. I raised my baton and cued the music to begin.

The crank handle turned on its own, and the band played on.

And on.

It didn’t want to stop. It insisted on playing. It kept me standing there, waving my arms as it played.

The more I flapped my arms, the more they looked like wings. Then the feathers came in, and I stretched my wings and flew away, up, up and away, high enough that I could see the strings and sets from the outside.

Then it all popped and I was back.

I need a drink of water.