Deal 1427 Preview

Vexing Vexillography:
The flag: elevator, Against all odds, Learning, and Untruths
On a field of pale yellow (#ffffb3)
Bordered in grey (#CCCCCC)


Deal 1376: Puppet Boy

The puppet wanted to be a real boy.

It’s a tale as old as time. Toy is suddenly aware. Toy watches and learns. Toy decides without knowing the consequences that he must become a real boy.

The twist is that there is a way, but it is unlikely to succeed.

Of course, in the logic of some stories, the harder the path to success, the more likely it is to happen. Something about narrative necessity, or requiring a happy ending might explain it.

Either way, the puppet made from fruit doesn’t have long to live as a puppet. But he’s even more handicapped when turned into a boy, so you might think that it is an open and shut case.

No such luck for the puppet, however.

He’s fallen in love, hard, with his owner’s mother. But there is no possibility that love could ever become anything other than awkward. And awkward it is, indeed.

In the end he’s peeled and just waiting for the circling vultures to make up their minds.

Is there a moral?

It could be something along the lines of “be careful what you wish for”, but that is such good advice that it hardly need be a moral here.


Deal 1368: Socky

The sock bush was unexpected. It’s fruit each could be dried to produce a pair of socks. It was just one of many strange and wonderful plants in the forest of automated clothing. Each fruit produced a matched pair, with a unique design.

As many a weary traveller before me had done, I located a ripe fruit and broke it open on a rock. Had I been more patient, the husk of the sock fruit could be dried and turned into a rough but serviceable pair of sandals as well. I’m never that patient, but the socks are welcome.

Today was just a little different.

Every fruit I opened held only one sock. A left sock. There wasn’t a right sock to be found. Stranger yet, there were no fruit bearing pairs.

Something was eating all the right socks.

I wonder if there is a dryer monster loose in the forest again?