Deal 1211: Sky’s the limit

“Why am I running an alarm company?”

Pullet was not the sort of man you would expect to have taken the risk of starting his own business. He was quiet, timid, and not at all brave. He seemed particularly ill-suited to the alarm business. And yet, here he was, running Big Red Protection.

His partner was his polar opposite. Where Pullet was unsure, Reynard was confident. Where Pullet was timid, Reynard was brash and outgoing.

In short, their partnership seemed doomed from the outset. But somehow, they persevered.

They had already survived their first year in business. Most new businesses don’t outlast their first birthday. Big Red Protection celebrated theirs by signing up their one hundredth client. While that was barely enough income to keep their doors open, it was still more than either had feared would be the case. Of course, Pullet still jumped when the phone rang. He was certain that the next call would spell the end for their enterprise, and was perpetually surprised when it was just a potential new customer.


Pullet jumped.


Deal 1187: Quest

That road was only the first of many, but I had to begin somewhere. It wasn’t even that much of a road, more like a less muddy path in the bleak landscape that was my birthplace.

But it was a start.

I was clumsy at first, of course. After a time, it got easier to walk up to the edge, and imagine that I had the strength of will to step across. Fortunately, imagination was not something I lacked. Rather the opposite, I suppose.

So I embraced my fate and became a road-crosser. A wanderer. And in time, I even began to follow the roads.

Today, I accept my role in this life.

I had a vision of the world changing, and it pushed me onto this quest.

I no longer need the vision to push me on my way. My own curiosity is more than enough to do that.

I see now that my vision of a falling sky was really a metaphor. The actual sky was never falling. But my belief in its limits was already shaky, and the vision gave me the strength to act. I am stronger for that.

The sky fell.

I crossed the road.

I am called to my quest and have answered my call.

I am no longer Little the coward.

I am the Long Road, Wanderer, Inquisitor, and Fowl most Curious.

And I cross roads because they are there.


Deal 1139: Couplets

Beware unknown unknowns, because they are
lurking unseen unheard unfelt yet there
Sunlight illuminating the shadows
repeatedly sustained will help them go
what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
the shadow knows, tells all, again, again.
Fear not, be not yellow, nor fowl, chicken
awareness now fends off chance of victim
as a window into darkest corners
reveals lurking dangers, evil doers.