Deal 1139: Couplets

Beware unknown unknowns, because they are
lurking unseen unheard unfelt yet there
Sunlight illuminating the shadows
repeatedly sustained will help them go
what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
the shadow knows, tells all, again, again.
Fear not, be not yellow, nor fowl, chicken
awareness now fends off chance of victim
as a window into darkest corners
reveals lurking dangers, evil doers.


Deal 1133: Road crosser

The cat sat and watched from his perch in the window. Watched in wonder at the spectacle before him. Back and forth, the chicken went. Back and forth across the road. Each time, narrowly missing oncoming cars.

This went on and on, car after car, and the chicken always ended up safe on the other side.

Clearly, thought the cat, something is not right here. Chickens aren’t all that bright, but this is a new low. And yet, somehow, the chicken has not been hit. It must be up to something.

Meanwhile, the chicken continued. Back and forth. Often with a honk and a squawk.

Finally, the cat could take it no more. He leaned out the window and yelled “Why are you crossing the road over an over again?”

The chicken stopped and thought about it for a minute, while cars dodged around her.

Finally, she squawked back “I don’t know, what is this some kind of joke? Is the punchline orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

The cat just shook his head and went back to sleep.