Deal 1386 Preview

The path: Clumsiness, sunk, dog, Selfishness, Indoctrination, Knowledge, and Strength


Deal 1357: No Stereo

It was supposed to be the night of his life. A chance at happiness. Instead, it became a tragedy.

He had planned some quiet time alone with his stereo.

Instead, he suddenly found himself dead. He wondered about that for a while. How could he have died? How can he still wonder about it? What was going to happen with him gone?

All questions that were kind of moot given his current situation. But he still wondered.


Deal 1327: Flight

My eyes pop open on a ballroom, filled with couples moving through a waltz with the sort of precision you only ever see in a cinema. The waltz continued as I watched the room. Then I saw her on the far side of the room.

I strode out across the dance floor, avoiding tripping the dancers by sheer luck as much as anything. It didn’t take that long, and soon I was sneaking up on the window. Expecting a reaction of some kind, I snuck up to it, seized it my the sash, and hoisted it into the air.

The night air was a refreshing change from the stuffiness of the closet. Tempting too, with room to really stretch my wings. So out I went, changing form as I passed through the wall. That final transformation left me free to fly and leave this place behind.

So off I went.