Deal 1361: Sinker

darkness swallow hook
house unlike all the others
and yet it’s a trap


Deal 1273: One froggy picture

The smartest frog in the world sat for his portrait. Red velvet upholstery nicely set off his green skin tone, while a potted fern and a blue-gray cloudy backdrop provided tonal balance to the composition.

Rare tomes of law, philosophy, and medicine stood as reminders of his accomplishments, all the more rare as they were bound in the hides of his rivals, as was a slim volume of cat cartoons.

He was taking a risk from this session, as most people seeing the photograph would not recognize him as the author of all of the diverse books, or the artist behind the subtle subliminal imagery in the backdrop. If he were recognized for all of that, it would reveal his true age and nature. That might start the Salem Witch Trials all over again, and he’d seen how that worked out the first time.


Deal 1266: Toast perfection

Sitting on the anvil is a thing of beauty. A silver sliver with a wooden handle, died forest green. The blade is nearly impossible to break, while remaining thin and supple without being any sharper than needed to slice and spread butter and cheese.

Nothing remains to show the effort that went in to its creation. Scraps and dust have been swept away. All tool marks have been polished off. The blade stands alone as its own achievement.

The anvil is surrounded by a light curtain alarm. The knife will remain where it is until the rightful owner appears with the correct toast. Only the correct toast will unlock the alarm and allow the blade to be used. For toast is bread reborn.

In the next alcove we find an ideal spoon…