Deal 1419 Preview

Vexing Vexillography:
The flag: nose, Transformation, dog, and Unity
On a field of orange (#fdb462)
Bordered in blue (#0000CC)


Deal 1339: Bearly

Chickens, everywhere. In some spaces, just one. In others, a thousand. Everywhere I turn, chickens. I’ve opened every door I can find, only to find more chickens.

Then I spot it, standing in the center of the square, surrounded by fowl. A phone booth.

I work my way through the crowd to its door, and sneak inside.

Amazingly, no chicken follows.

When I peek outside, I see the birds slowly backing away.

Then the flash of light.

They back away faster. I open the door, and get a glimpse of my reflection as the glass moves. Suddenly I’m dressed all in white, carrying a cane, and sporting a white goatee. No wonder the chickens are backing away.

As they move aside, I see some hope of escape without a chicken in tow.

I make my way onwards, and through the next door. Into a room full of teddy bears. Big bears. Small bears. Fluffy bears. Buff bears. Toothy bears.

Suddenly, I’m envious of the chickens.

But no matter. I’m almost through, so I calmly walk through and out the final door.


Deal 1327: Flight

My eyes pop open on a ballroom, filled with couples moving through a waltz with the sort of precision you only ever see in a cinema. The waltz continued as I watched the room. Then I saw her on the far side of the room.

I strode out across the dance floor, avoiding tripping the dancers by sheer luck as much as anything. It didn’t take that long, and soon I was sneaking up on the window. Expecting a reaction of some kind, I snuck up to it, seized it my the sash, and hoisted it into the air.

The night air was a refreshing change from the stuffiness of the closet. Tempting too, with room to really stretch my wings. So out I went, changing form as I passed through the wall. That final transformation left me free to fly and leave this place behind.

So off I went.