Deal 1359: Ribbit Haiku

empty throne displayed
prince missing, family too
frogs seen everywhere


Deal 1339: Bearly

Chickens, everywhere. In some spaces, just one. In others, a thousand. Everywhere I turn, chickens. I’ve opened every door I can find, only to find more chickens.

Then I spot it, standing in the center of the square, surrounded by fowl. A phone booth.

I work my way through the crowd to its door, and sneak inside.

Amazingly, no chicken follows.

When I peek outside, I see the birds slowly backing away.

Then the flash of light.

They back away faster. I open the door, and get a glimpse of my reflection as the glass moves. Suddenly I’m dressed all in white, carrying a cane, and sporting a white goatee. No wonder the chickens are backing away.

As they move aside, I see some hope of escape without a chicken in tow.

I make my way onwards, and through the next door. Into a room full of teddy bears. Big bears. Small bears. Fluffy bears. Buff bears. Toothy bears.

Suddenly, I’m envious of the chickens.

But no matter. I’m almost through, so I calmly walk through and out the final door.


Deal 1327: Flight

My eyes pop open on a ballroom, filled with couples moving through a waltz with the sort of precision you only ever see in a cinema. The waltz continued as I watched the room. Then I saw her on the far side of the room.

I strode out across the dance floor, avoiding tripping the dancers by sheer luck as much as anything. It didn’t take that long, and soon I was sneaking up on the window. Expecting a reaction of some kind, I snuck up to it, seized it my the sash, and hoisted it into the air.

The night air was a refreshing change from the stuffiness of the closet. Tempting too, with room to really stretch my wings. So out I went, changing form as I passed through the wall. That final transformation left me free to fly and leave this place behind.

So off I went.


Deal 1267: Battle over dreams

The child sleeps peacefully, but after what must have been a significant battle with the bedclothes and the monster under the bed. The monster lies, slain for tonight, on the floor. A fierce teddy bear stands guard against its possible return to life. Some of the other stuffed animals were casualties of the battle.

She sleeps now, illuminated only by moonlight filtered by the tree outside her window.

Reading the evidence at hand, we can see that earlier the tree had been a focus of her alarm as its shadows loomed large and its branches moved threateningly in the wind. That emboldened the monster under the bed, which attempted to catch her while her attention was on the monsters outside the window. The monsters in the closet might have been involved, their door was ajar, but had retreated when Teddy took action.

A breeze outside rustles the leaves.

She mumbles something unintelligible.

Teddy turns and watches for a moment, but remains alert and on guard.