Deal 1312 Preview

You Broke that How?:
What: alarm
How: Envy
Wild: Learning


Deal 1267: Battle over dreams

The child sleeps peacefully, but after what must have been a significant battle with the bedclothes and the monster under the bed. The monster lies, slain for tonight, on the floor. A fierce teddy bear stands guard against its possible return to life. Some of the other stuffed animals were casualties of the battle.

She sleeps now, illuminated only by moonlight filtered by the tree outside her window.

Reading the evidence at hand, we can see that earlier the tree had been a focus of her alarm as its shadows loomed large and its branches moved threateningly in the wind. That emboldened the monster under the bed, which attempted to catch her while her attention was on the monsters outside the window. The monsters in the closet might have been involved, their door was ajar, but had retreated when Teddy took action.

A breeze outside rustles the leaves.

She mumbles something unintelligible.

Teddy turns and watches for a moment, but remains alert and on guard.


Deal 1266: Toast perfection

Sitting on the anvil is a thing of beauty. A silver sliver with a wooden handle, died forest green. The blade is nearly impossible to break, while remaining thin and supple without being any sharper than needed to slice and spread butter and cheese.

Nothing remains to show the effort that went in to its creation. Scraps and dust have been swept away. All tool marks have been polished off. The blade stands alone as its own achievement.

The anvil is surrounded by a light curtain alarm. The knife will remain where it is until the rightful owner appears with the correct toast. Only the correct toast will unlock the alarm and allow the blade to be used. For toast is bread reborn.

In the next alcove we find an ideal spoon…


Deal 1253: Pond thing

The aroma of the pond was the first thing you noticed. Slightly earthy, with strong notes of algae and decay, the aroma set a mood that was hard to ignore. Many hate it. A few love it. Hardly anyone who has stood in a swamp comes away without an opinion.

The pond, although very present in our memory, is not why we were there.

We were after a rare opportunity.

The swampy pond was the perfect place to pursue it.

Despite its stagnant appearance, such ponds are teaming with life. And that life is interesting. It was a similar sample of water that van Leeuwenhoek chose to examine when he invented the microscope. They are breeding grounds for insect larvae, and for the fish and amphibians that feed on them.

This pond was no exception to all of that.

It was a striking example. Dappled sunlight falling through the heavy leaf cover from the moss and lichen laden trees at its border. Signs were there of a long abandoned beaver dam that likely had created the pond when it was new. Someday the pond would be a marshy meadow. Until then, it was a lovely backdrop for our work.

We just weren’t expecting the thing that was looming in the shadows.