Deal 1420 Preview

Vexing Vexillography:
The flag: live, Learning, alarm, and Temporary
On a field of sage (#8dd3c7)
Bordered in purple (#CC00CC)


Deal 1340: Stuck

I awake with a start to find a ringing alarm. An alarm I did not set. I am awake, but not awake, and stuck half way it seems. The alarm rings, but mutates into a voice speaking gibberish. Then it goes silent as I realize that I am not really awake.

There is no graceful way to handle that moment of fear that you missed an alarm. I do my best as I look around.

I press a nose to the only window and try to see outside too.

I am stuck in this racket. I don’t know what to do about it. I entered willingly, but I am beginning to fear that leaving will take more than the will to be gone. I was so rash to come here unprepared. I thought I was prepared, naturally. And it is only now that I am realizing how much more I have to learn.

With that, I fade back into the shadows, and deeper into sleep, hoping that a real alarm will drag me back to reality. If I left a body there at all….