Deal 1108: Unwanted dinner.

“Fishsticks again?”

“Stop whining. At least you’re home and dry.”


“No. It’s hot out, but you are lucky enough to have a cool place to eat and sleep. Friends in other places are battling enormous amounts of water. You are lucky enough to not be flooded. So stop whining!”

“But mom, we’re fish! We shouldn’t be eating fish sticks!”

“We’re groupers, son. We’ll eat anything. Stop whining and eat your dinner.”


Deal 1106: Orange Signs

Communication without purpose is pointless. So when the mysterious markings were noticed, the first challenge was to figure out why they might be there. Only then would it be possible to figure out what they meant.

It was a mystery, all right.

The little oranges were showing up on doorsteps and front gates, all around town. No one ever noticed them being placed. Nor did any security cameras.

Had they been simple chalk markings on gateposts or sidewalks, they may never have been noticed.

But actual oranges were used, and that was just out there enough for people to chat about.

The fruit were nothing special, usually similar to whatever was on sale all across town. Usually overripe or bruised, so they clearly were not being left as a strange sort of gift for others.

Did they mean anything?

Who knows.

If they were messages, they clearly were not conveying a lot of information. But the information was worth at least the cost of an orange to someone.

Or perhaps it was all just a strange fad, playing out in a niche community that only rarely overlaps the usual mundane world.

When you find an orange on your doorstep, take a moment to wonder at the touch of the absurd that has entered your life.

Then throw it away without fear.