Deal 1388 Preview

The path: fork, Grace, Birdcage, butter knife, Lantern, axe, and tea


Deal 1377: Sunda

The orchard was peaceful this morning. A few ducks were picking around the roots of the venerable trees looking for treats. The wind was whispering among the leaves, and just a few fruit remained from the recent harvest. It was a perfect spot to sit in a morning coat and enjoy the view, while planning for the day’s adventure.

A pot of tea close at hand completed the picture of luxury.

Surely many in the world would envy his position, and his job.

For this was his job. To sit and admire the view, and occasionally take note of a new ship that happened by.

Then in a shocking instant, the world changed.

That island across the way was no longer there. The shockwave broke every one of his windows, and left him deaf for a few minutes after. The tsunami washed the harbor clean.

All he could do was reach for his telegraph…


Deal 1350: Tea, hold the death

If I were better at my job, he’d be dead by now. The plot was perfect. The tea was poisoned, and the dose was calculated for his size. If he’d had the whole cup, he’d be dead.

I should have known how big a klutz I was dealing with. I didn’t do my homework on this one. I got lazy.

He only drank half a cup, then dropped it, and knocked the pot off attempting to catch the falling cup.

Later, I can only assume he had some stomach troubles, but not as much as I intended.

And he lived.


Deal 1337: Leet?

There was a wall of nothing but tea. Every brand. Every variety. Every imaginable combination of herbs. Sorted by color, and by caffeine level. All ready for steeping in water available at precisely the right temperature. All fronted by a dispensing system that evaluates the drinker and chooses precisely the right tea, and offers it in the right container.

The next wall was laden with coffee.

A walk-in fridge was filled with every imagined soda, sorted by flavor as well.

All of this to support the team of hackers that kept the peace, and might be expected to spend several straight days pursuing that effort.

The space also included a snack area filled with every imaginable snack food, and even a small supply of salads because there really is a limit to how much Pocky you can consume and survive.

Survive and flourish.

And eventually leave.

But first, there’s just one more bug that might provide an opening that can be exploited…