Deal 1180

Frog ran the numbers rackets. No one remembered why he was called “Frog”, he just was. And if anyone tried to short him or cheat, he was quick to punish them. And remember that he did, as he lurked behind his one way glass and watched the action on the street and in his casino.

His games were rigged, of course, but the customers never dared complain. Rigged or not, he was a formidable enemy, and no one wanted to play that game.

So when Frog said “Leap”, most would simply ask “How high?”


Deal 1170: Emptying the Swamp

Crank the handle, wind up the music. And the band played on. And the frogs came in from the swamp.

Wind up the music. Listen to the croaking madness. Dodge the occasional explosion.

There is a war on, but then when hasn’t there been a war on?

The frogs come in from the swamp in wave, croaking thanks as they cross our threshold.

Rain may fall without harm, but shrapnel is a flying pig of another color entirely. Frogs don’t appreciate the charms of shrapnel. They do appreciate shelter.

Music plays and frogs sing.