Intelligent Carrot Stories

This is a collection of the two-sentence stories produced by readers in response to the recent challenge to write stories inspired by the cards Carrot and Intelligence.

Thank you to all who participated!



As I sat eating my carrot stew, this thought occurred to me: What if, by consuming the orange root, and making it’s memory enhancing properties part of us, the carrots are actually eating us…. changing us… making us… more like them… After all… If you eat enough of them, you WILL turn orange….


Waking I see nothing, but feel the warmth and air above, cool ground surrounding my body. Vibrations, footsteps approach, sudden pressure then free of earth; crunch.


Surveying a can full of discarded party favors after the costume ball, he paused – “There we have it Watson”, declared the great detective, “now we know which guest did the deed. He pointed to an orange scabbard, mate to the green-handled dagger protruding from his lordship’s chest.


“Eureka: intelligence has been achieved” the scientists cheered! The carrot just screamed in horror at what had been done to it…


The old wizened gypsy cackled, “Eat this carrot–It will help you develop your intellegence.” If you only knew,…


As the Hare stood over the dead Tortoise, holding the bloody carrot sharpened to a razor point, he chuckled. No more jokes about who wins the race.


The alien intelligence communicated telepathically with his brothers that he now had complete control of Bob, his human host. Bob went into the kitchen and ate a carrot.


The intelligent man will not peel carrots naked. Thought Roger, too late.


If a stranger was to see an intelligent man and a carrot arguing in the street, it would be hard to tell them apart.


The intelligent man knew how to listen for the quiet screams of desperation as he bit into the heart of the recently unearthed carrot. Please nooooo…


When carrots achieved first sentience, then intelligence, we were all doomed. Peeled and doomed.


A man with a carrot in his ear sat next to a woman on the plane. The woman said “which one of you is the carrot?”


Ted gave his fiancee a 24-carrot ring. Carol once again doubted Ted’s intelligence.

Epilog: But kept the ring

Challenge: Two Sentence Stories

Here is a diligently selected two card spread for your amusement: Carrot, Intelligence.


Your mission is to write a two sentence story. Since Halloween is just around the corner, a spooky or horror story seems quite appropriate.

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Two cards, two sentences. Go!