Deal 1221: Nose jobbed

I fumed quietly in my throne room. I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. But it wouldn’t need to be the case if those incompetent fools hadn’t botched things quite so badly. There really was no hope for it other than to use my power to end their careers.

They deserve nothing less than a total loss after what they have done.

What did they do you wonder?

Are you on their side? Are you working against me? For them?

How dare you question my motives, my injury, and the harm done to my reputation by their incompetence?

How dare you sir.

So it is decided, this latest affront will be their last.


You really are taking their side, defending their indefensible actions?

Those imbeciles might as well have been operating with butter knives in place of scalpels with the results they achieved. And then, they have the nerve to sue for Peace?



I say it again. I will settle for nothing less than their bankruptcy.

I went into their care because my nose was leaning an entire millimeter to the left. Now, today, it is clear that my nose is leaning an entire millimeter to the right!

How could this happen?

They must pay for their errors!


Deal 1179: Yellows not Blues

I woke up this morning
I woke up this morning
I say I woke up this morning
And this day looks good so far

I found a cure for cancer
We found a cure for cancer
Hey we found a cure for cancer
And it works every time it’s tried

Trees are green and leafy
Trees are green and leafy
All our trees are happy and health
And their fruit is all pest free

I’ve got the yellows
I’ve got the yellows you see
I’ve got a good case of yellows
Mellow and Yellow is a good way to be!


Deal 1168: Chicken little’s mirror

The magic mirror promised her beauty beyond compare. In exchange, she merely had to offer cautious advice to her friends.

This went on for some years without issue or concern, until the panic set in.

Little did she know what was in store for her. The sky had been her constant companion, and now it was at risk. She had to warn her friends.

But that put her at odds with her promise to her mirror.

How could she possibly decide?

Which came first?

Her image or her friends?

As she panicked unable to decide, the sky opened up and the storm arrived. The worst storm seen in the barnyard in generations.

As she floated off across the road, she knew she should have warned her friends, but her vanity had stood in the way.