Deal 1309: Not quite invisible

When they called it scratching, I don’t think this is what they meant.

I’ll be fine. Eventually. But until the wounds heal, I’ve got some entertaining scars. Like I got into a fight with invisible boy.

Almost exactly like a fight with Invisible Boy.

And yet, the boy isn’t here.

But the scratches are.


Deal 1274: Presented

The device sat on a brilliant blue pedestal at center stage. The stage itself was minimalist, just a slightly raked dark grey disk jutting out into the audience, with seating to all sides and room for the presenter to move around the pedestal and speak more or less personally to each block of seats.

The top of the pedestal rotated slowly, turning the device to show all sides to everyone.

The subdued lighting cast few shadows on the device, and the perfectly clad and coiffed presenters cast no shadows at all.

All of this conspired to make the brass, wood, leather, and glass of the device stand out, showing off its form to the best possible advantage.

And as is typical of a major product announcement, almost nothing about the presentation managed to convey exactly what the device does.

I still want one, though!


Deal 1255: Puppies!

The basket would not sit still on the table. The lighting was perfect, but likely to change at any minute, and the basket refused to sit still. The cause of its unusually animated state stuck a nose out, and whined in a slightly worried tone. Then tipped the basket over, spilling its contents across the table. Eight puppies, suddenly liberated from the confines of the basket, set out to explore their new environment.

It wasn’t that much larger, of course. The table was only a couple of feet square, covered with a yellow cloth and eight black puppies spilling out of the basket that now lay on its side.

With that, the composition was perfect.

Later, in the darkroom, it became clear that even in the perfect light, puppies can and will move as fast as needed to avoid being in perfect focus.