Deal 1209: Potluck Knifed

In hindsight, a butter knife was indeed an odd choice for a symbol of Peace. But that is now. Then, the world was a slightly different place. Perhaps even an odder place.

One cold and moonless night, the party was declared.

All arrived bearing gifts of food and drink to share. But as is not unusual, there were some petty feuds among the guests. Words were said. Rolls were thrown. The punch bowl was at risk.

Distracting the parties with music and plying them with drink did little. Again, in hindsight, drink may not have been a wise choice. The petty feud was escalating.

Finally, someone offered up a buttered roll to one side, and a jellied roll to the other…

The butter knife saved the day.


Deal 1172: Unity

Much like wheels within wheels, there is always a new inner circle to aspire to enter. Only the most dedicated to the cause may enter and partake of the next level of the hidden truths. The Unity is a very effective organization. And very secretive. So secretive that many of its members are unaware of its nature.

A nature that it goes to great lengths to conceal from both outside and inside.

Official stories of its origins and founding vary by region, and by circle. Each local group above a certain level is encouraged to find its own origin story, and to act as if they are at the innermost circle.

I’m coming to believe there may be no “innermost” circle. But rather an elaborate labyrinth of memberships and rituals designed to hold the attention of those whose hearts are not pure.

And I think I might just be on to something, as new instructions have appeared in my notebook overnight.


Deal 1077: Double Nonnet

gather your roses while you may but
avoid those luscious saw-toothed weeds
for when touched without care you
will pay for days I say
cut and slash you may
freely indeed
but touch not
or they
and yet
treated right
they are tasty
a traditional
herbal restorative
cut, cleaned, blanched and shocked with care
then steeped in boiling water makes
a hot pot of stinging nettle tea