Deal 1138: Nonnet

Strange dystopian future ruler
Evasion not fear motivates us
Now room is saturated
Let it be for now though
Undulating past
Handmaiden’s help
Tried escape


Deal 1104: At Sea

The darkness rushed over the explorers in the middle of the blue sea. Before that moment, they had blue skies, deep blue water, and the occasional porpoise playing off the bow. Now, the sun was gone and replaced by a giant silver ghost, hollow in the center where the sun had been. Stars rarely seen even at night were visible near the sun, including the elusive Mercury and the more common Venus.

The large shiny structure off one limb of the Moon could only be the base from which an alien invasion would be launched. No one noticed it, despite its size.

That day’s journey had been uneventful. They left port in good spirits, and might as well have sailed off an edge of the world.

By the time that they reached their planned way point, they hadn’t seen even an echo of another ship for hours. They were off all the normal shipping lanes. They were close to as alone as a single boat could ever be, the only 40 people in miles. Mortal people that is.

Poseidon had sent the porpoises to keep an eye out for him. But they didn’t know that on deck.

Below, monsters circled, readied their attack on the lonely ship.

Then the sun vanished.

Poseidon chuckled.

All the unnamed and unnamable beasts backed down. Their moment in the sun had passed.

Aboard ship, we remained blissfully ignorant. Even the Captain and crew came out on deck to share the spectacle, leaving no one to guard the weapons.

Fortune was on their side, and the weapons remained unneeded.