Deal 1406 Preview

The path: Abhor, Grace, tuxedo, Cat, Beer, Temporary, and Plurality


Deal 1336: Socked

I glanced out the window as I passed, and was startled to see a sock blow by. Then a second sock, that naturally was not a match for the first. I stopped to watch, and marveled as the sock storm unravelled before me. Clearly now was not the best time to strike out on a journey.

This was not the first time I had encountered an unusual storm here. I remembered seeing a storm of licorice vines. That had really painted the sky red.

I turned away from the window and returned to my table by the hearth. A large schooner of ale was waiting, and I eagerly anticipated working my way through it. As befits the time and place, the beer’s ample head was at the bottom of the mug.


Deal 1239: The darker the better

Beer is the magical drink that created civilization. Fermenting grain makes water safer to drink. Finding enough grain to ferment drove agriculture. Tending the grain made it more practical to remain in one place year round. Brewing also encouraged cultivation of yeast, and certainly lead to reliably leavened breads. Bread and beer lubricated many social gatherings, to such an extent that “breaking bread” is still a metaphor in use today.

Tea, on the other hand, only appears after beer and bread are established. It is often seen alongside silly dainty sandwiches with the crust cut off.

Don’t get on the tea bandwagon.

Stick to the originals. Beer and bread.