Deal 1410 Preview

Vexing Vexillography:
The flag: Mirror, Lawsuit, Birdcage, and Indoctrination
On a field of sage (#8dd3c7)
Bordered in red (#CC0000)


Deal 1362: Pop stop.

My album never dropped. It was intended to be a collection for the finest of foods.

But no matter. The future I see before me is far more interesting than fame or fortune or a lifetime of fine dining.

The cult will provide. At least, the cult says it will provide hope for a better tomorrow.

That silly obsession I used to have for happiness and music is past. I live now for the hope of a better tomorrow. And only the hope. Never the actual tomorrow.

I do miss the music though.


Deal 1342: Thinker

The factions met to discuss their differences and attempt to arrive at some compromise. Te ensure that all sides had a voice, the table was round and the invitation went to everyone.

The rules were simple. First, the discussion would be civil. Second, any solution that allowed work to proceed would be entertained.

Work is a little like magic. It won’t work well if too carefully examined. But if left to flourish, the results can be strange. But the machines produced know little or nothing of how they came to be…

At the start, machines really are little more than clockwork. It would be quite a stretch to imagine a clockwork device capable of thought or independant action.

Pay no attention to the bats that live in the caves. They were here first, and have generally ceded all control to us, as long as we leave them alone. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone. The don’t dabble in the mechanical, in any case.

So here we are. Work must proceed, to stop it is unthinkable. At the same time, the results of that work must not be unthinkable. We might well reach an impasse if both sides of this cannot reconcile.

We need a working thinking machine too badly.

Get to work.