Deal 1222: Hobo’s Vision

I am an adventurer. I ride the rails, evade the law, and live free and rough. As long as there is another train on the horizon, I will always have hope. Hope that around the next big bend there is a place where I can find another stone for my soup pot. Hope that the next town will have work that needs doing, means to pay, and the willingness to hire day labor without references. Hope that I find a place to rest my weary feet at the end of the day.

For as long as I have hope, I need fear nothing.


Deal 1205: Trained out of fear.

After years of discipline and practice he was nearly fearless.

The devices helped, of course. It was no test of the gom jabbar, but it was effective. Every time he approached the test, he had no idea what it might do to him this time. In the early days, merely picking up the device was about all he could stand. As he tamed his fears, the device took note and became more willing to change its appearance, change its operation, and change its actions.

To this day, a nagging feeling follows him around that the device is lurking just around the next corner, disguised and willing to taunt him some more.

In fact, it remains in his old training room. Gathering dust. Wishing for a new student that needs its talents.

It may go mad if not found by a new student.

Or madder. It might be hard to tell.


Deal 1201: Boomer-ring

Advice is everywhere you look. But even the Wise Old Owl may be mistaken, so don’t follow it blindly.

Your phone was dying.

But without it, you would be at the mercy of boredom, or conversation, or person to person interaction.

Advice was available. The simplest being to just plug in the phone and let it charge. But that was too obvious, too slow, and somehow not clever enough. So your search went on, from sensible ideas to the crazy.

Somewhere along the way, magical thinking set in.

Then the smoke clears and you can see the burning carcass of your phone inside the ruined microwave…