Deal 1157: Colossus

Athwart the path stands
Colossus, guardian, servant.
Strength out of silence.

Meet his gaze, traveller,
purity may pass at will.
Strength out of silence.

The impure may not pass,
their way is blocked for all time
Strength out of silence.

Colossus, seething,
desires an end to duty
Strength despite silence.


Deal 1081: Orange nonnet balance

Many tools make no sense approaching
this task. Want peeling, not chopping.
Handle long or short, one bite
or two, no way, no play.
Leave the axe at home.
A knife perhaps,
but really
needs no
fancy tools.
Going too far,
What use spatula?
Fruit is no pancake or
omelet, despite topping them.
Flipped, the orange just runs away
mad and naked, just not appealing.