Deal 1395 Preview

The path: Rebirth, Traitor, Past experience, Terror, dog, Rat, and Voodoo


Deal 1355: Road

She was trapped now. This was going to be an ending to forget, and she was sure her friends had already forgotten her. Here she was, trying to cross her third road when the rats rose up from the ditches and kidnapped her.

Sure, they said things like “you can’t do that” and “you won’t survive”.

But she had already crossed three roads so far!

She knew she had to cross this one too.

Even if it was four times the size.

Even if the vehicles were going far faster than she had ever seen.

Even if there were fences on each edge, and another one in the middle.

She was going to cross that road.

But possibly not now, now that she’s a captive of the rats.


Deal 1336: Socked

I glanced out the window as I passed, and was startled to see a sock blow by. Then a second sock, that naturally was not a match for the first. I stopped to watch, and marveled as the sock storm unravelled before me. Clearly now was not the best time to strike out on a journey.

This was not the first time I had encountered an unusual storm here. I remembered seeing a storm of licorice vines. That had really painted the sky red.

I turned away from the window and returned to my table by the hearth. A large schooner of ale was waiting, and I eagerly anticipated working my way through it. As befits the time and place, the beer’s ample head was at the bottom of the mug.


Deal 1332: Empty

The farm was quiet. Too quiet. I knew that was trouble, but I was too deeply enmeshed in the fog of sleep to remember why. One thousand chickens should be up to something that makes at least a little noise at any time of day or night.

The farm was quiet as I moved about, peering into buildings, looking for something.

I’m troubled now that I try to tell the tale that I don’t remember what I was searching for. I do remember that the search was singularly ineffective.

After a while I did notice that there were no chickens.

And that worried me.

So did the man I saw in the distance also walking and searching the farm. He was also peering into buildings and looking like he was on a quest. The whole time, he was carrying a carrot in one hand an apple in the other like an orb and scepter. The carrot had vividly green tops still attached, and I could see the root was bright orange and fresh from the ground.

No one around here grows carrots. Too many rabbits.

As he moved, the carrot tops shook as if they were a benediction.

I took a bite out of the apple.

And tried to remember where I got the carrot.