Deal 1241: Reflected Nonnet

Few universal infinities
Exist with certainty, I fear
Abject stupidity is
Rooted absolutely
in people
at large
and there
we do find
common sense, wit and
wisdom. Rare, I admit,
and yet located hither
and yon, like lost socks, and misplaced
key rings, found only when its funny.


Deal 1222: Hobo’s Vision

I am an adventurer. I ride the rails, evade the law, and live free and rough. As long as there is another train on the horizon, I will always have hope. Hope that around the next big bend there is a place where I can find another stone for my soup pot. Hope that the next town will have work that needs doing, means to pay, and the willingness to hire day labor without references. Hope that I find a place to rest my weary feet at the end of the day.

For as long as I have hope, I need fear nothing.


Deal 1164: Spied

Busybodies are found everywhere. At work, their snooping is usually discovered early on and they can be redirected into useful tasks. In neighborhoods they can fuel petty complaints and start feuds. On an international scale, they can bring down nations.

Spies are professional busybodies. Sneaking around, prying into all media looking for anything out of place.

Handled with skill, their presence can defer or even delay a war and they can last for years.

Years holding a secret that could destroy them and all that they love if it were told.

As these years pass, I want you to peer into the abyss. Sometimes the abyss peers back at you.