Deal 1228: Two haiku

orange root replete with
flavor either cooked and raw
bred as king’s tribute

wicker man woven
bird’s nest of pain and torture
defiance of kings


Deal 1213: Why did the—Vroom!

The road was as flat as a mirror, extending as far as the eye could see either way.

He stopped at the edge to reflect.

There was no turning back after the scene he made when he left. This was hardly the first road he’d ever seen. But it was certainly the widest and smoothest.

As he contemplated his options, he could almost hear the background music swelling. As if the very film that was his life was taunting him for not confidently stepping out.



—picked up a foot—

Vroom, vroom!

—and took a step. Suddenly he was surrounded by hundreds of motorcycles. He froze in place while they swarmed past him.

When it the last one had passed, he continued on his way.


Deal 1212: To sleep, perchance…

As it ever is, this visit to the other side is doomed to be short.

I have a reputation to maintain, and karma to work off. Both points require that I can’t possibly remain here for long.

But here I am, so I should take this opportunity to stretch and even to relax. It won’t be long. It rarely is.

This side of the veil is hard as hard to describe to you as your side is to us. Crossing the veil is a rare event. Among my people, legends say that only one individual can cross at will. Legends differ on who that individual is. Which I generally find amusing, because that individual is, well, me. But I can’t say that.

It would spoil their fun.

Besides, it makes sense that the veil be difficult to cross.

Crossing has a price, a price I willingly pay.

Not many would be so willing. Or able.

The price of a crossing is always the death of the body.

Not every death permits a crossing. For most, death is a more permanent act.

For those few permitted to cross, it is generally a one-way trip. A death on the other side is also permanent.

For me, every death is a crossing. But not every crossing requires a death. I have the power, and curse, to cross on impulse. I also have little control over that impulse. Sometimes when I sleep on one side, I wake on the other. I usually have to take care that at least some sleep is genuine, or I would go mad.

Or madder, at least.

Assuming I could tell.