Oracle Decks

A Creativity Oracle could take several forms, as it is simply a device that delivers inspiration out of chaos (or at least randomness).

We envisioned The Oracle’s physical form as two decks of cards: The Oracle of the Abstract, and the Oracle of the Concrete. Each card holds an image and a word or concept. The Abstract carries abstract concepts like “honor” and “fearlessness”. The Concrete carries concrete nouns like “apple” and “frog”.

This page will document various embodiments of the Oracle.

The First Embodiment

The first 256 posts in the Tales category are (almost) all written from cards drawn out of the First Embodiment. These first two decks were handmade for play testing, and contain just over 50 cards in each deck.

Make Your Own

You can make your own Oracle with blank cards and a list of words.

You could also use a deck of flashcards, a dictionary, or even the first unusual thing you see while walking to school as a nudge from The Oracle.

The Second Embodiment

Starting with the 257th deal, the stories in the Tales category are based on the Second Embodiment design.

Working from lessons learned while play-testing the first decks, we revised the card designs. We also found a commercial printer to make a small run of decks. We made this early production batch available to a select group of beta testers for additional play-testing and evaluation.

Buy an Embodiment

Someday soon, that will be possible.

The first public release will likely be very similar to the Second Embodiment decks.

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